maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2016

An Eyeball & A Spoon

"so you think you're tough?" he asked me. My eyes kept creeping around the floors, not knowing where to fix themselves, trying to grasp for something to hold on to. He repeated the question with his grizzly voice. It sounded like a shovelful of gravel on the coffin lid. I couldn't help shivering but I tried to keep it to myself. I took a deep breath and gathered the last remains of my self-worth an confidence and looked him straight in the eye. "No." I answered him finally. " I don't think I'm a tough guy.." I muttered. He laughed at me. I wanted to punch him in the mouth. I wanted to see his teeth fall off and wipe that grin off his face. But I knew it wouldn't take him too long to wipe the floors with my face if it came to that. He was the boss. The leading man. This was his story. I was just a static character, an aid for his agenda. He told me he thought I was stupid little brat. I wanted to stab him, but I had no knife. He turned his back on me. If only I had a knife, or a nail, anything sharp, anything! He grabbed the gun from the counter, hid it inside his jacket. The zipper went up.

I looked around the room. On my right side, on the table, there was a spoon. Without wasting a second I decided to claim my subjective right to become a human being. I was more than a mindless goon bidding His will. I was a savior, I would set this old piece of shit free from his stupidity. I grabbed the spoon from the table and grabbed his throat from behind. He was bigger than me, but I had the element of surprise. I thrust the spoon into his eye socket and with one slick motion his eye popped out. It took him a moment to understand what the hell was going on. For a fleeting moment I was curious about if the visual nerve was still functional and if he could see what the wildly swinging eyeball saw.

I knew if I gave him time he'd shoot me right there. I had to make sure he couldn't see me. I tried to push the spoon into his another eye socket, but I was too slow. He grabbed my throat and threw me off. "YOU FUCKING SHIT!" he yelled "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? CLAWING MY FUCKING EYE OUT? YOU THINK YOU'RE IN SOME FUCKING FILM, HUH? YOU WANNA BE A HERO, TOUGH GUY?" I was out of breath, he kicked me in the ribs to make sure I stayed out of breath. I heard him open the zipper of his jacket and I knew this was it. I was done. Before I knew it, I was sobbing with a gun barrel between my teeth. His eye was hanging on his cheek, I could smell it. I couldn't see through my tears. "You thought you'd just off me like some fly and take my money, huh? You thought it would be easy, HUH!?"  I tried to say something, even I didn't know what it was, my last words probably. The last thing I heard was a huge, ripping, tearing crack and I never found out, what happened to him, to his money, or his eye...

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