tiistai 23. helmikuuta 2016

This ended up meaning more than I first intended. In conversation with a friend.

You can always make changes in your own life and it always help, because there has not been a single human being in the history of mankind whose personal change (good or bad is just a matter of perspective and we can never have objectivity on that) didn't inspire a wave of change in others around him. I have seen this change happen in myself, and I have inspired change in other people too. Many of my friends have quit drinking or drugs, and I am not saying it's all because of me, but I know I have helped in actually making that sort of change and figuring out what to do when you are not intoxicated all the time.

Of course it may seem now that the multinational corporations are all in for oil, coal and raping of nature. But even they understand that to have business, you have to have human beings. Right now they are just figuring a way to cash out on the renewable energy, since it's so easy to just provide for yourself. But the future is in renewable energy and open source, it does not matter if they want it or not, because.....

....human beings are not disgusting. We are slowly improving, with our generation, and the one that follows. We are not just by-products of this compose heap society are father's are trying to leave for us, we are the first generation to actually stand up and say "fuck no." We will invent all this cool shit that will clean the ocean, we will provide the way to fix all this shit we have caused in the past 200 years. We will fix it, but we must start with ourselves. If I may seem nihilist at times, that does not cover intelligent human beings, capable of kindness and compassion. It reaches out and smacks the fuck out of people who try to sustain mentally lazy clichés and dead world ideals, such as chauvinism, stupidity, and the ready given ideas for capitalism/socialism/evil/good-dualism. My aggression is pointed towards stupidity and towards the will to active pursuit to maintain stupidity, to actually AVOID information and the chance of being educated. My hate and my love are, as everything else, a matter of perspective. It may not matter in the large scale of things, but I am a human being, not living this life in the large scale. I am merely experiencing this life here and now, trying to do whatever I find to be right thing to do, given the information that I have.
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