torstai 25. helmikuuta 2016

Patreon page for those who seek to support a poor artist.

So. For years I have been making art. Music, visual arts, poetry. It all has the soul of concept art, dealing with life, death, human existence, psychological and philosophical aspects of our culture and social problems in the lives of people I know and have faced in my various works as a social and youth worker. This all has been done with practically no income. I am not afraid of talking about the money. I have never even licked the limit of poverty, I have never earned the 14 000 euros a year, which in Finland qualifies for being poor. I have never earned even 11 000 euros a year, most of my life I've earned something around 6 000 - 7 000 euros a year, which practically is 500 euros a month.  With this money I have been in at least two bands, paying for my rent, food, recording and pressing of records, playing shows, everything that a regular life of the poor requires, plus the band stuff. It's not much, but then again I don't need much. Now I get 700 euros per month, my rent is 600, but luckily I don't need to pay for all of it by myself. Still, I'm practically broke and in two years it'll get even worse. So I'm just trying to ready myself for the future times.

Here's a Patreon-page. If you want to support this completely DIY-grindcore-droneambient-blues-jazz-whatever-music filled life of mine, or enjoy all the visual disturbance I emit on almost daily basis or just like to read something I write, you can help. But you don't have to. I am honestly begging for your dimes, but I am not cashing out. Any of this won't stop if you won't give me all your money. I just figured usually people feel more included if they are somehow involved. Although I make all of this by myself, I like to think that what I do reaches out and touches people. From what I heard from people I have encountered "on my many endeavors" this is a somewhat correct assumption.

One side of this is the fact that I arrange shows. I'd like to bring all kinds of awesome bands to my hometown and to help and support smaller local bands, but it takes some serious dough to pay the bands. I just hope that I can make this all work out the best possible way. I just have shitloads of medical bills and other completely stupid shit to take care of. I know this is all something that is part of every people's lives. But usually those people have a job or rich parents to support their lives. I survive with my current situation, but if there's hundred euro bill I was not prepared for, it kinda wrecks my groove for the rest of the month. But anyhow, I'll survive. Any help, no matter how small, is welcomed with humbled gratitude and eternal salute till we greet each other at the gates of Valhalla. But if you just can't afford it, I understand. Neither could I.

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