perjantai 19. helmikuuta 2016

Don't fuck up.

Long time no see. Long story short, all existence is suffering, and though we may have some brief moments of elation, they are just elevating elaborations of this carbon-based, oxygen induced hallucination that haunts us for this short period that is our lives. We will all be dirt, we will all be dead bodies, ash or dirt, but not just yet. So rejoice, all the living, sentient beings in this world of death and suffering, join hands and become one, destroy oppression with compassion, never revenge, just do not justify their actions with your silent approval. We can and we will fix this world, we will clean the Ocean, we will say no to all the bullshit we people have come up with in the last 200 years, we will take back what belongs to us. We can do it in our everyday lives, since it is nothing but us. There are no big problems, there are small problems in a big scale. If YOU decide to take another path, you can. Don't pity yourself, don't praise yourself, just do what you think this world needs, do your own part without any sort of attachment to it.

Life is great in its own, crushing way. It can be depressing, most of the time it really fucking is. Most of my life I've spent in solitaire confinement, inside the gloomy visions of my mind. Still I think this world is great. It is nothing but a reflection of my mind, just as it is. All the possible explanations, agendas or whathaveyous exist only in my own mind. They are my humane thoughts and aspirations, that stand in the way of truth and overshadow the truth with their own existence. To let go of these cardboard cut outs is to find some sort of sense of purpose in this madness. Not easy, mind you..

I am a Zen buddhist to some extent. I believe that when I die, I do not come back to life, firewood is firewood and ash is ash, as Dogen said. Ash does not become firewood, but then again, firewood does not become ash. They are different things. So, to die is not to be born again. Death is different from birth, and after death I shall be "beyond death". I will not return. That is essential in my worldview. I have no hope of heavens or afterlives that might bring me any sort of crown for being such a martyr and sacrificing this life to benefit some other life. There is no other life. Whatever happens beyond death, albeit I think it will be just nothingness, is different and beyond our reach. We have only this life. No other lives, no other worlds. We can't fuck up with this world. We need to do it right, for the sake of the existence of future beings. We have a responsibility towards time-space, to make sure we preserve conscious life for as long as possible. We can not fuck this up. There is no other place for us, no redemption beyond this planet. Just try to do whatever you think from your mere human perspective might be the right thing to do, and fucking go for it. Don't give a fuck about what the people around you might call you or if they try to put you in a box. It is just a safe way for a narrow mind to perceive the world though keyholes, although the doors would be flung wide open.

I hope we all find some sort of peace and love some day, but for now, let's just settle for toleration.

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