lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2015

What's up?

Last night we played a great show with the insanely good Fuck-Ushima, one of the best bands around right now. This gig showed me again the value of warming up. Few minutes plain screaming, until you're on the verge of collapsing, and you're good to go.. It works, every time you have the time and space to do that. After that, everything will go smooth and easy. After the show I felt pure, empty,  like my body and psyche would have been destroyed and rebuilt. It made me feel good. Everyone should have an outlet like this. To have some sort of fire to burn inside you, some sort fire that you can feed with all the bullshit you'll have to crawl through in your everyday life.

It felt good, but today has been even better. The feeling you get, when you're completely empty, every single muscle in your body aching but all the tensions gone. You just meditate through your existence for a while. Until you start building up another pile of shit inside your mind and soul, to have something more to burn the next time you get to play. For us it's a month away now. The point of this band has been to play at least 12 shows a year, to maintain my sanity, and we have pretty much always exceeded that, which has made me a really happy and fairly functioning human being. I've managed to work and study without exploding all over some stupid people I'll have to endure in my day to day interactions. You just swallow it and decide the moment to let it out yourself. You're in control. And that's the way it should be.

What's next? We've made some plans for some future splits. At least one with Fuck-Ushima, maybe another one with Farsas, and one more, that's still a bit uncertain. We'd need to get to the rehearsal space and make the songs, but it's a good thing there's three of us making songs, we have always something up our sleeves anyhow. So there'll be three different splits next year. If we have shitloads of time in our hands, maybe another album too, but let's not rush ahead of things. Let's just enjoy this moment, right now. This lazy, muscle aching, thoughtless, silent moment of clarity before all the bullshit begins again. Peace.

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