lauantai 7. marraskuuta 2015

Learning a trick or two.

Recent times have been interesting in my life. Cut To Fit made a tour with ever so awesome Feastem and we had a blast throughout the whole extent of it. It was nearly three weeks, a whole month worth of workdays without a day off, so in a way I can honestly say I've never had that intense work schedule in my life. It was rewarding, humbling and really, really educating. I learned a million things during that trip and felt home even though I was nearly 3000 kilometers away at best.

I also have made some experiments with my consciousness and music that have had some profound results. Musically I have evolved. I now understand that there is no need to worry about music letting me down at any given time. If you book them, they will come, as they put it in Wayne's World. Give me an hour, a guitar and a loop pedal, and it will happen. What? Book me and you'll see. It gives me some sort of comfort, to be confident about what I can do, for the first time in my life I can rest assured of understanding what I am doing. That is a good thing.  I've done 30 albums or EP's of music on my own this year, worked on few other projects and reflected on my life. I am relatively happy, as happy as I can be in this world of loss and suffering and grief. I am surrounded by amazing musicians and people, I share my existence with a beautiful, kind, intelligent person and understand how all my achievements in life are connected to the consciousnesses of these other people around me. That is more than most people have, to be grateful for everything I have, to be free to pursue this goal of finding my Holy Mountain, moving towards it little by little.

 This is how far I have come on my quest.

There's also a Facebook page for this solo operation now.

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