keskiviikko 29. huhtikuuta 2015

What's up?

It's been a while since the last post. We finally got Black Mouth out, you can stream it here and if you want to pay for the digital download, do what you can. It will become free when we have sold out or pressing of the album sometime in the distant future. If you want to have the real album, digipack CD with a 12 page booklet, you can order it from us ( ) or through recordshop X. Right now we are focusing on playing shows. We already have a new song to play and it makes things more fun, since it's welcome 38 seconds of fresh air. We stopped making set lists in 2011, but lately we've been playing only the new album, and some old songs if someone has shouted any of them out. If someone ACTUALLY REMEMBERS a song, it's worth playing the song. If we remember the song, that is.

We're not sure about what the future brings. We have another European tour in October, but to me at least that's still in the distant future and I never believe any tour is gonna happen before I'm actually sitting in a van and smelling bad. I've planned out ten tours and played one actual tour by far, so I think that's a good ratio of how many of your plans will actually turn into reality. Mostly it's because the promoters at bars don't know how to use e-mail. Luckily there's other channels these days too.  Now in the meantime I'll help some friends with their shows. We're playing with GODHOLE (United Kingdom) and Sociasulym (Estonia) here in Finland, from 17th to 20th of June:

17.6 Vastavirta, Tampere (+Fuck-Ushima)
18.6 Torvi, Lahti (+Fuck-Ushima, Nothing More To Eat, Sociasulym (EE) )
19.6 Lepakkomies, Helsinki (+Fuck-Ushima, Sociasulym (EE) +1)
20.6 Monttubileet, Hyvinkää

Also, if you missed our tripped out dark ambient-drone whateverthefuck thing earlier this spring, here it is.!