torstai 15. tammikuuta 2015

The album is on its way.

The album is almost done. All the songs are recorded. All we need now are the trippy parts. And we have shitloads of visions, but we need space and time to make them come reality. In the meanwhile, we made this nightmare trip of an album:

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Zen Filth. by Cut To Fit</a></iframe>

For some reason I found it to be soothing and meditative, when I had not slept all night. In that sense, this night is quite similar. I have not slept, it's 7 a.m. and I am just waiting to see what sort of hallucinations and weird thoughts will I experience. I really like experimenting with sleep deprivation, because it's never the same, when you actually focus on the sensation. Now I'm feeling more nausea than usual, my head feels dizzy and the symptoms are more physical than mental, which they usually are for me. Writing is the most interesting thing to do, because it does not need too much focus, and it actually gets better when you let go. If you try to do this with drawing, you'll get angry at your shaking hands and sweaty palms and whatever, there's always something wrong and it instantly drives you insane.

About drawing, I recently made a tumblr-account to fit in all the artwork. If you want some album artwork or whatever, let me know. I'll do it for free, unless I really need money or there's some extra work involved.

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