keskiviikko 24. joulukuuta 2014


I recently put up a Facebook page for my own musical experiments. There you can find links to every album and some little words to go with every album. I think it may be a waste of time and online space, but anyhow. I also had some cassettes yesterday, but I doubt no one is going to actually buy them. My Christmas is going swimmingly, sitting alone and writing shitloads of stuff. I have at least a chapter of poetry done already, in an hour or so. Inspiration is a strange thing. I spent the last three nights sitting in front of my computer, all ready to write, but could not focus to do anything. Now I've got focus. One rejection is enough to shoot me off to outer spaces of my inner self, and with some aid from Vincent Gallo and Swans, I've rocketed myself so far off even Vonnegut couldn't write me back to earth.

I'm not sure why I started writing this. Probably only because I feel so fucking electric. I can't stop. And I won't stop. There's no way I could stop as long as I breathe. I need to do this. All of this. All the time. Or I'll fucking explode. And I don't want that. So there is no choice, there are no options, just this. And I need to carry on typing for as long as I am, and therefore pour my existence into words, to fully understand, that I exist only because I reflect on my existence through this. And there's nothing more to it. Mere existence, observing itself.

I think I'll go write something else. Thank you for reading.

lauantai 13. joulukuuta 2014

Atheist, Hold Hands With a Jew!

We have roughly seven billion people on this planet. These people have roughly four and a half thousand religions that more or less dictate their religionship with their mortality and their relationship with each other. We have no other place to live this life right now, than the current one. Over and over again I encounter anti-religious people, who happen to be even more close minded and bigoted than most of the religious one's I've met. I find this rather strange, since I considered this "side" to be the one with reason and common sense under its belt.

I have never believed in god. I tried to when I was a kid, but it only made me feel more anxious over every possible thing in life.  And I did not want to spend all my life in fear of dying,  as I did back then.  Though I think if something,  the fear of dying has taught me to be more empathetic towards religions. We just newd to understand what they are. Belief systems to help you cope with reality.  Although there are stupid people in this world, we ahould not let the possibilities of meeting someone awesome be prevented just because we believe in different things. I have always had friends, intelligent people who believe in god, reincarnation,  norse gods or vibrant energies. It does not prevent an intelligent discussion anyhow, that we see death otherwise. What seems to be the only reasonable and logical solution to me does not seem to be the most logical solution for someone else. And that's just fine as long as there ia mutual respect towards each other,  and at least sone sort of setting of manners.

What are you afraid of?  That you'll get sucked into a whirlpool of bigoted stupidity and lose your ability to think?  Are you afraid of starting to believe?  If you know yourself, if you know where you stand, you should not be afraid of other people shaking your beliefs.  I think we all have the right to decide what makes our mortality easier to accept. And the biggest reason most religious people are so stuck with their interpretation of the bible is just that. If gay marriages are not causing apocalypse,  there migjt be something else that won't hold water. That might mean that we don't get to go to heaven to wat cake with our relatives after we die. And it's not just christianity. All religions are part of our culture,  interesting symbolic stories from our past. That's how we ahould look at them, because all religions tend to say practically the same thing: don't be a fucking cunt. So why should people without religion be cunts instead? I think, that morals and deeper understanding of life arw not privileges confined within the small walls of religion,  but belong to us all, so that we can develop our own individuality and get to know ourselves on this ride before we die.