keskiviikko 5. marraskuuta 2014


I raised my hands in a prayer towards the skies
There was no answer, just the same old dull grayness
Endless skies above me, skies that looked exactly like the earth around me. It was all alike, all the same, all exactly the same. No difference whatsoever.
Everywhere I went, everywhere I turned my head
it was all the same, color of the burnt dirt
Color of my father's eyes, the deep gray all over.
I thought this would purify me, I thought this would cleanse me, I thought this would save me.
But I should already know there is no such thing as redemption. We are all cursed, all abandoned, all alike. All burnt dirt. Just waiting to be wiped away.
Do I sound depressing? I apologize, for that is not my intention. My intention is solely to amuse, but as you probably noticed, my sense of humor is kinda bleak. Like a tumor in the brain.
I've seen too many politicians spewing filth upon good people, I've seen too many priests abusing the trust of the innocent, I've seen far too many mothers killing their children to believe in good. I've seen the fathers break their sons' legs and tell them to run. I've heard the snap of the bone, seen a limb give up under pressure.
I wipe the spit off my lips. I need to calm down, I know, I know.
This city is a dead rat, an empty bomb shell,
a forgotten grave on the side of the road.
It's full of dead people who just weren't told they were supposed to die a long time ago.
They think it all will turn out good in the end.
But there will be no end. They will never see such thing.
There is none.
My eyes are filled with doubt
My skull is full of mud
I try to open my dry mouth
but I find it's sewn shut
I hope to find a way
to understand my own position
and to ease this fix by approximation
But I find it's not my decision.
I can't be held responsible
for all the mumble I release
It's always just an attempt to find
a temporary ease
So please, if you do mind anything I say
Just strangle me with piano-wire and
make me go away.
For I am not here to irritate
I am not here to amuse either.
I am here to prove a point and to
burn alive in front of your eyes.
I am here to burn
I am here to burn
I am here to burn alive
Until I'm nothing but dust.

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