tiistai 4. marraskuuta 2014

A full show on youtube.

Here is a brand new show from last saturday, mostly just new songs, since we are on our way towards the next record. It will be a blast. Literally. We will tune everything down, we will tear ourselves up and rip everything apart. This is a sort of sneak preview to the new music, almost all of it. We still have about six more songs we want to do, and we'll get to them soon enough. Until then, these are here.

The songs deal with my life during the last year. I wanted to call it Black Mouth, but guys didn't quite see it, so it will be something else. They are about a life that is about to end.They are more or less about the end. It does not mean I would be killing myself, or even thinking of it, far from it. This death is not a death, but a process of weeding out things you don't need. I've been working all year, and I have more money than I ever had in my life. Still it's not enough to drag me out of the definition of poverty, but it's far more than I need for living. We're moving out of this big apartment, selling everything and leaving this life of plastic behind. About to reborn. It calms my mind, but I am glad I got to do these lyrics for Cut To Fit, because they really fit the songs. They are the songs. They carry their own weight, I get to scream those things out, and they come with full force. I know I am priviledged to have something like this. It makes my life perfect, no matter how fucked up everything seems to be. If you want us to play somewhere near you, contact us through Facebook or via e-mail: cuttofit@windowslive.com .

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