maanantai 29. syyskuuta 2014

Hi, is anyone out there anymore?

For some reason I have not written in English in a while. Maybe it's because the Finnish writings get more response, since these once are rather hard to find besides the Cut To Fit-links. To me writing is somewhat interactive thing anyway, I want to connect with other people, to have a dialogue instead of just listening to my own voice all the time. But I guess it won't hurt anyone, since this is internet and all. I find it fascinating that we have created this sort of inner space, another dimension to this reality, an opportunity to expand your consciousness, to reach new depths of social communication. Though in everyday life it just gets filled with fast, short, meaningless blabbering, to reach and to be available, instead of sharing something which would require some actual thinking. Of course this happens too everyday, though you Facebook-feed does not always look like it.

I've been rather busy lately. The new Cut To Fit album is still pending, we have around ten songs and we're getting back to our feet after all the tremors of the past, we're scattered around and we were rather lost for a second, but few weeks ago we got the grip back and we decided to finish this fucking album and probably spend the next year just making albums, since I'm thinking of moving back to Lahti, closer to the guys and our rehearsal space. Besides planning this I've painted shitloads of paintings during the last week.. You can see shitty photos of them in my Deviant-art account, although I'm thinking of putting up a Tumblr-blog for all this art-shit, since it needs to find it's focus. I also made two drone albums, to worship the sounds, resonance and lo-fi-recordings and to ease my grind fix since the guys were busy with their own band stuff. And besides all that, I've done this triphoppy semiacoustic desert music for like million albums. I don't care what you call it, to me it's meditation and mental landscapes, improvisations and zen in practice.  And still I feel like I've got too much time in my hands! You need to have something to focus on, since the empty head becomes the devil's house. Although I think the devil made mine it's permanent address with the first breath I took. But this is all I've got and it'll do. DIY to the bitter fucking end. If I had the money, I'd make cassette copies of everything and give them away for free.