lauantai 26. heinäkuuta 2014

Some concept artwork.

A Man Who Mistook His Hat For His Life

 Our society is so fixed with possessions it is not even able to realize what is wrong with it. How it can't fit into our brain, that we are just building plastic castles of shit around ourselves, to protect us from the reality of what might be found from within the depths of our mind? We are just projecting, creating needs that don't exist so we can ignore our need for inner dialogue while running after the updated version of whatever. Just sell everything and move to the desert, that's my advise.

The Eye

And we all know there is no victimless crime, when it actually is a crime. A crime is not what the law says is crime, a crime is an act of violence, being inconsiderate against another human being. Intentionally causing excessive pain and suffering to another human being, whether it is mental or physical suffering. Rape is the worst kind of crime I can imagine, since it is always an attack towards trust, it destroys the whole base for any human connection for another human being. Murder leaves behind an object and mourning second-hand victims, rape leaves behind an emotional wreckage and shame, inflicted on a first-hand victim. Still the punishments for rape in most countries are merely a joke.


Or grin, whatever suits your situation better. We're all hostile towards one another, because everyone else is standing in our spotlight, standing on our way, preventing us from achieving the great things we we're set out to achieve. It's not our fault, it's THEM. We are taught and grown to value the idea of success and power. Some of us idolize the people with the most power and success, the villains, the anti-heroes, and when they act out in the open and execute their plans to achieve all the power, success and respect they thought would bring them all the fore-mentioned, the society gasps in shock and gives these people a lifetime sentence, still claiming that there's just a few bad apples, the system works out just fine.

Let's Go Out For A Walk...
 ...shall we?
One of my earliest, or at least most important memories is the grown ups talking about my father's friend who hung himself during the Finnish recession in the nineties. Later on one of my uncles best friends went out for a walk and had hung himself in the park, from a tree branch. It's a Finnish thing. Recession, desperation, no way out of this trap we have created, in our short-sighted actions we have chosen the branch, we have chosen the rope, we have chosen the steps that lead to this moment.

Being Greedy Is A Full-Time Job.
 "I understand, you don't have a choice, it's eat or be eaten right? Just tell me when you're done. Let me know when you have eaten enough."

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