keskiviikko 23. heinäkuuta 2014

Hobo Death$wag Grindcore

I recently got sick of Facebook's advertising and internet filtering and the way applications get to rape privacy, so I dropped it, in spite of all the good it does to your social networking, tour planning and what have you. If people don't know how to write e-mails anymore, I guess we'll be doomed to play our friend's parties for eternity. Our bad. Since our upcoming album will be delayed, we decided to make a demo for a change. It will be called Hobo Death$wag Grindcore, the first 25 copies will be hand numbered and drawn by myself, they will cost 5 euros. Remember that this is a way to try to collect some money to pay for the damages and we're really fucking broke right now. Not that we ever really had money in the first place, this band has run it's entire life on mostly social welfare, a benefit that was meant to keep us in bread. This demo will contain something new and something old. We thought of having something borrowed, but couldn't find the time to record covers. So there'll be the acoustic version of Karman Laki, and I'll see what else we can fit there. I hope it'll be worth the money. They will be available from our shows.

We're also having a reprint of patches as soon as possible, since we had not had them in a while and everyone keeps asking them. Also, there will be more shirts as soon as we can figure out what prints we'll have. I'm sure there'll be more of HM-2 -shirts, and some new print. I just need to draw it first...

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