sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014

I am just so grateful for everything right now.

It's Sunday. Sunlight is sifting through the shades and lights up the room. Queens Of The Stone Age is playing their Vampire of Time And Memory inside my speakers. Everything seems still. Especially time. My brother and my friend just left. I had a great weekend, playing two shows (you can see some songs of the other band here.) and having just insanely good times with my brother and my friends. It fills my whole being with gratitude I can't even measure myself. It all seems so fucking good. There's no words to such feeling. As they closed the door behind them, I couldn't help crying two or three tears. I have noticed I've been crying more than usual lately. Just out of pure elation. For how amazing these certain human beings actually are. And the privilege of knowing these people, It's just overwhelming sometimes. I really love my life. Right here, right now.

These two gigs yesterday and Friday have been among the best in my life. I think it has lot to do of getting to scream and sing four days in a row, I've noticed it gets always better towards the end. That's why I have loved the few tours I've got to play, because it always gets better the more you play. It's inspiring. I don't like rehearsing that much unless it has an aim, a show, a recording session or especially making new songs, just rehearsing for the sake of rehearse seems like wasted time from creative point of view, and all that time could be spent exploring new things, trying out something you have not done before instead of grinding the same stone you already know better than the back of your hands. It gets boring, because it does not challenge you mentally. Of course you enhances your endurance and such, but even that makes things more boring, you get two confident and then you start making very stupid mistakes.

All I wanted to say is that this Sunday I'm more than glad to be alive, part of human species, breathing and dying on this planet. It's all just so amazing. Also one of my dearest, closest and most loved brothers is coming back from his two month tour next week. I don't get to see him in weeks, but still knowing he's back in Finland makes me feel better. Then we get back to our upcoming record and hopefully get it out before the fall. It will be our best record ever. I think it will be impossible to top these songs. So this will be the best one ever. I hope we don't fuck it up.

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