sunnuntai 1. kesäkuuta 2014

Blues. Blues. Blues....Blues.

I have loved blues in one form or another all my life. To me it is the definitive music of mortality, the sort of music human beings have been playing since our most primitive cultures in Africa, something that is present in all traditionals and all the folk songs all around the world. People have just put emphasis on different beats, different notes, and given it different names, but it has always been there. We have been singing the same melodies for hundreds of thousands of years (and maybe grunting them long before that), we have spread around the globe and still kept in touch through these songs.

Lately I've been listening a lot to Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters, but I've always loved John Lee Hooker, Skip James and Lightnin' Hopkins too, all the Blind ones and the Deaf ones and whathaveyous. All blues, no matter who it's played by, if it's played from the heart, it gets my attention. I've seen shitloads of bad blues musicians too. Once I was watching a guy, who had "Devil" in his name. He was this short little guy, overtly educated and poorly stuck in his scales. He played the songs through without emotion, his face void of all feeling. I stared at him with my mouth open, thinking to myself "where the heck is the demonic possession in this performance?!" But of course, he was just there to live out the clichés, and that never did the trick for me. Of course not all the blind one's need to be blind to be Blind Something McWhatever, but still. Howlin' Wolf DID howl a lot....

So, why am I telling all this? Because in the last two days I made these eight blues songs. You might or might not like them, it's really not in my hands, but to me it was just purely out of love for blues. And still I tried to maintain the honesty, writing lyrics that were actually TRUE to myself, instead of just fitting some clichés on top of each other. They are written from my point of view, which usually is the point of view of a one who does not fit his surroundings. But still I have my hopes of finding a place where I can feel I belong. But I just need to see where this river takes me. Until then, it's just trying to be the best person I possibly can. Trying to make the most out of it and to enjoy it.

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