keskiviikko 28. toukokuuta 2014

So, I'll start writing more frequently, I hope.

I decided to start writing in English more frequently too. I've kept this mostly as a blog for Cut To Fit-related things, a place where I can dig deeper into themes that appear in the lyrics, whereas the Finnish one has been for things overall. But now I more and more realize, that since it pretty much is my life that I write out of my system, all things are essential, or the picture is uncomplete, and will always remain as such. In most of album reviews, my lyrics have been described nihilistic and misanthropic, which I find rather amusing. They are also seen as "political", which I do find a bit weird. I see myself as someone, who is trying to be honest to himself and to others in everything I do. I fail, I know, but that is just humane. And I am nothing more than a silly ape with a considerably highly developed brain, which I still find quite confusing at times. I try to be as honest as I possibly can, when I observe my own actions and when I participate in activities that involve other people.

I am quite introverted, so I get tired of masses rather quickly. It's just that when there are too many people, they all start playing the part of someone they are not. It's always social tension, that drives them to do so, and I rather interact with people with as little social tension as possible. I like spending time alone with someone, or in small groups, but that usually demands a company where people are capable of having a conversation without shouting. It's nice to be with different people, in a group where we can observe our differencies and make something out of it, to learn to understand other human beings. That is truly awesome.

Of course we all get tired of social networking sometimes. So do I. Sometimes we are forced to encounter inconsiderate people, who do not seem to have any sense of respect towards others, but have a socipathic need to be seen in the spotlight all the time. Greed. It's wanting another plate of food when you're still not finished with the first one. I've written about it before, so I'm not going to waste this space with it. But lately I've been writing a lot of songs about greedy people, how it distracts us and blocks all progress, because some individuals want to have more shit. Because some people are willing to put price tag on anything, just to know that they have the chokehold, the power, to know they are in control... To that sort of people I write songs. I may use either direct or "global" scales, but you can always be sure, that if I am writing the lyrics, they are always symbolic, too. When you have four lines and 43 seconds to a song, you need to really make your thoughts work. That's partly why I love playing grindcore. If you can't make it fit, it's shit. Try again.

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