tiistai 1. huhtikuuta 2014

5 bucks is a 5 bucks-tour.

The tour went just fine, thanks for everyone who attented and arranged the shows, Juice, Max, Rob, Pjotr (if that's the way you spell your name?) Angeljsneisnenska (sorry, I'm not going to get it right, but the show was good, so thanks!) Marcin and TeHaCe guys, Jan and everyone else who feel like deserving a pat on their shoulder. Though some junkie broke into our car and stole the navigator, stereo and a camera, we had fun. There's junkies in Finland too, shit just happens and we had a shitty luck. At least no one stole the van or the backline, so it wasn't all that bad. And we learned from the mistake, which was the most important part.

Again I felt a bit disorientated when I came back, since I realized that it's strange for me to be here in Finland. People understand my language, but most of them don't get my thoughts at all, whereas it seems everywhere abroad people seem to understand me better though they can't make anything out of my language. I felt humble and priviledged to be there, playing music with these guys, living this life I always wanted to live, I thought my life was peaking night after night. Now that I got back in Finland, could read all the road signs, understood what people said, it all seemed so bleak. I know what's going to happen. To me that's a sort of mojo kill. Still, I know this life may offer me more possibilities like this. I just need to grasp them, exist long enough to see them coming. Everything is nothing but series of coinsidences and opportunities. Thank you for granting us these opportunities. Hopefully we'll be back on the road before the end of this year. We'd like to play in some smaller cities and towns too, so if you know a place that would fit our grinding madness, contact us at cuttofit@windowslive.com or facebook or wherever.

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