tiistai 4. maaliskuuta 2014

Big Boys Gone Bananas!

I just finished watching a documentary about a documentary, Big Boys Gone Bananas!, which was a description of a film makers struggle against a multinational corporation and it's attempt to strangle freedom of speech. In spite of being aware of their rather loose trigger finger with law suits, only thought in my head concerning this issue is: Fuck DOLE. I know it is not the only one doing this, I know most multinational corporation are, and the worst part is that it works 9 out of 10 times. I live in Scandinavia, where people, luckily enough, have some common sense. As they said in the film too, here people are naturally suspicious about big corporations trying to use elbow tactics and try to scare people to achieve their goals. That just does not work here.

I think this documentary might probably be even more important than the original Bananas, because this deals directly with freedom of speech and all the issues that have come along with the free market: possibility to sue anyone anywhere, anytime, if it seems like that someone is going to cost a corporation more than few dollars. This is a progress we can't have in times like these, when everything is going down the drain anyway. What's even more important, we'd need strong governments that would be able to protect their people from assaults like these, instead of these toothless bitchslaves, that are willing to sell the future generations as a sacrificial goat for the voodoo-economics.

These are the dinosaurs that stand in the way of revolution. These are the people who make sure, that there will be different layers of "truth", and they are mostly just different sorts of propaganda or media control, the real truth buried somewhere underneath exaggeration and half-truths.We need a change, we need a thousand new documentaries, we need millions of won battles to ensure that the world will be left in better condition than it was when we got it from our fathers. We need to try to act humanely towards each other, instead of being just vultures on the same carcass. Congratulations Fredrik Gertten, I know it was few years back, but still it's an important piece of documentary you got yourself there!

In other news, Facebook has filtered our minor tour promotion almost out of everyones walls, so I put this one together, there's some old songs we played live last sunday.

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