sunnuntai 16. helmikuuta 2014


We are excisted to announce the first, short but intense European tour. We'll be circling around Poland and such with a Finnish metal band Skulldriver, and we are quite excited. Here are the dates, if you can help us with one or two more after Prague, drop us a message at .

-20.3  Klub Metro, Gdansk,  Poland
-21.3  Underground Rock Bar, Poznan, Poland
-22.3  Grodzka 42, Krakow, Poland
-23.3  Plan B, Ostrava, Czech Republic
-25.3  Showbarlang, Budapest, Hungary
-26.3  Das Bach, Wien, Austria
-27.3  Exit Chmelnice, Prague,Czech Republic

We haven't been abroad since Obscene Extreme 2010, so we wish to see at least two faces when we finally get there, wherever that may be! We'll eat nothing beut rice for the next six months for this tour, but who gives a shit, we just want to play!

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