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This is an interesting read and I think whole world should pay attention to this.

Although it is not yet confirmed, it is an interesting and at least to me, the most logical explanation of the universe. Though I am not completely sure if they actually DID confirm all this while ago. Anyway. This is exactly what I have always struggled with, my whole life. The question of existence. I have always been terrified by the idea of non-existent eternity that awaits me, and everyone else, yes you too, in a few decades. I wrote the song Existence while I was sitting in commuter train, heading back home after a long day at work, in Cardiff, Wales. Here it is, if you have not heard it:

"These eyes that burn these visions to my soul
Keep engraving golden letters in this piece of coal
Like a needle piercing through the layers of skin
Until there's nothing left but space.
Between every molecule of me,
Between every atom,
Between every particle,
The empty space that we call soul.
The essence of me, that tireless need
the will that burns behind these eyes
that keeps burning these golden letters
into this empty space between my particles.
That is truly to exist
In such many levels simultaneously
and still be uncertain
whether you exist or not."

The point in all this being how fucked up it is to mourn for the upcoming the loss of reality, when you are really not certain about the reality you inhabitat in the first place. It is kind of a "part 1" for The Doors of Deception. My eyes, shape my perception of this state I assume to be the "reality", my senses create this world and I am completely at their mercy. It's nothing but frequencies and resonance, and I only have this set of tools of conversion to make something out of it. Still, even between my every particle, no matter how solid I appear to be, is nothing but empty space. So, what are we really? Tiny vibrations on a cosmic scale, nevertheless always as important as a super nova explosion, since everything appears to be infinately connected with everything. We are all one, in that sense. Different aspects of the same thing, I am still not sure this goes for consciousness too, but maybe animals, who lack the disturbing "I", feel this connection more profoundly, since there are no egoistic distractions, just senses and urges, and some harsh emotional systems.

I'm not sure what I want to say right now, I'm too hungry to think, but I think the next Cut To Fit album may seem even more tripped out than the previous one. We are going to use samples from There Will Be Blood, and the first four songs are dealing with greed. I try to avoid hardcore punk clichés and make something out of it. But of course there will be some bursts of random anger too. You just can't help it, if you have watched a single documentary in the last few years.

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