maanantai 24. helmikuuta 2014

Being Greedy Is A Full-Time Job.

I've watched some documentaries on greed, propaganda, advertising and politics (they all go together anyway) tonight. What I find interesting is how it all adds up to what I have known before, how it does not expand consciousness, but fills in the blanks. Fills in some rather important blanks, that is. For as long as I've been into psychology, I've seen Freudian approach as a destructive force. I can't see how it could be used to repair people, when all it actually does is shatter everything down to sexuality (Aldous Huxley used to joke about Freudian approach being all about the both ends of the digestive tube and having pretty much nothing in between.) and tell you it's wrong. Of course one can't deny the effect it had in psychological study, but I think compared to Jung, he was WAAAAAY OFF, when it comes to understanding the subconscious of a human being.

And the documentary series The Century of the Self seems to fill this image completely. Since the first world war all the Freudian applications of psychology have had their role in manipulating consumers to believe, that instead of need, they should listen to their desires. Our subconsciousnessess have been pummeled with subliminal, suggestive and hidden messages, meanings and intentions as long as most of us have lived. It has inflicted our politic history everywhere ( I really recommend watching those quite informative four hours of documentaries). Seeing stuff like this makes me mad. I know enough of our recent history and psychology to understand which amount of the information fed to me is exaggerated and which is true.

Advertising is most of the time just plain sick. Especially when it comes to objectifying women. And I'm not going to give you the usual sex appeal rap, although it too has it's place in todays world as well. What disturbs me more is the way women are associated with death in commercials, it seems abnormal, utterly absurd to me. It wakes up my primordial rage reflect, which would make me want to attack every advertising agency on a thousand mile radius, armed with rocks, molotov cocktails and a katana. I know it doesn't sound like something a sensible, humane person would do. But to me, it would seem the most humane act anyone could think of.

Recently the situation in Ukraine has seemed to me at least rather interesting. Of course the sad part is the usual; people get killed, when morons rule. But I am on the people's side on this. After watching the golden tpas in the president's bathroom, personal petting zoos, all that shit, I couldn't help thinking this is exactly what should be going on everywhere, where people face oppression from their authorities. Every state, every government, every parliamentary organ seems to have forgotten, that it has no power, if it has no people. The people are the only thing that constitutes their power, it should be a path of mutual respect, not a master-slave relationship. In this day and age, we don't have time for greed. We don't need people, who think they can take everything in spite of everyone else. Those people are just dead weight. For some reason it seems, that the dead weight seems to stay at the top, and everything else gets thrown out of the burning ship.

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