tiistai 14. tammikuuta 2014

The past, the present and the future.

 We recently added almost full show from Torvi, few years back. It feels weird to think that it's "couple of years old", since this whole band feels just couple of years old. It's been five years, and I think it's quite a short time for a band. We've played over 80 shows and recorded 8 records and some other shit too. It feels strange to think that it has now been in my life longer than what I had done any bandshit before it. It gives you perspective, time I mean. When we started, we thought "hey! Let's ask Vili, our old bandmate to play the guitar!" He seemed like an old bandmate, and actually we had known him for about two or three years. But it does not matter. He instantly felt like another brother. And he is. When he left I was sure we were done for, mainly because Eetu was doing all guitaring from that point on, and I'm gonna tell you a little secret: He wasn't that good! But that was the whole point when Cut To Fit began. Everyone kept laughing at his guitar playing, mocking him and teasing him about it. That's why I wanted to have him in this band. They stopped laughing a long time ago, and some of them still can't get their jaws shut.

When Vili came back, everything just clicked. This is a band of brothers. It's the only way it will be. Us three, nothing more, nothing less. We understand, that we are all replacable, but this combination of minds and creative energy just works. We're all on the same level. Cut To Fit is the main thing, but we don't need to force it. If there are other things to work out momentarily, we can wait. If someone can't get to the show, we are all replacable temporarily, but the music we make is ours. It's the most important thing in our lives, and to me at least it's a Pollock-sort of explosive, fragmented painting of our personal growth as human beings, it's a psychedelic trip of resonance, frustration and blastbeats. It has been nothing less than fucking awesome, and I hope it will take me to more mind bending and unexpected situations. Everything it has brought us has been a pleasant surprise, since we had no expectations whatsoever.

What got me to walk down the memory lane? I did an e-mail interview with Blasting Days Blog (e-mail interviews are a bit tricky, since I had a sort of way to just keep on writing when no one's there to put their foot down at some point, sorry..) and was "forced" to remember the early days. I usually don't stare at the past, because I see all the interesting things in the future. I'm not sure how much I can reveal of our plans, but we're most likely coming to a short European tour soon. But I'm a sceptic, so I don't believe it's happening before Vili and Eetu are drunk off their asses with Polish beer.

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