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About reviews...

Why I Enjoy Reading Reviews Like This...

Well, we've done shitloads of records and sent them to many reviewers during our relatively short existence. Actually I think it'll be five years in just two weeks, so happy birthday to us. Because we lack the money to press more than 100 CD's at the time, it doesn't really matter how much we "promote" anything. And I resent the thought of "promotion" to begin with. It's just one more music-business thought driven to the skulls of musicians as it was somehow fundamental part of making music. It is not. And in our case it does not make that much of a difference. We still have those hundred copies and some shirts to sell on our shows, just  to get us back home from where-ever-the-fuck-we-are. So after sending them out and getting back chickenshitreviews that just say "Well it's grindcore. It sounds like Nasum to me." I thought is it actually worth it? Why just send it out to people who don't get what it's all about, don't give it enough time and just fire some more clichés you can read from every single grind review the same dude happens to write. I decided (no matter how elitist this may sound to some) that I rather read reviews that actually give me the impression, that the one putting it together actually LISTENS TO the music and respects music, no matter if he likes this particular album or not.

And lately I've been pretty annoyed by all punk/metal reviews I've read. They always get stuck on the sounds of the album. Of course they are somewhat initial part of music, ours too. Especially live, to reach the cathartic madness it's all about the resonance and dissonance and all that jazz. But everytime I read another soundreview, something inside me asks "what about the songs? How about them? Are they any good to Your Personal Liking?" Since every review is always a subjective view, I want the reviewer to give his actual subjective opinion, the way he sees things. The focus in music should always be on the work the musicians have done, not in the final mix which usually is a result of many accidents and incidents (for example with this record we had some sort of compatibility problems with the programs and the machines used, and it kept bouncing songs with different, unnatural speed and we needed to record them on a handyrecorder and feed them back to computer for mastering and it was kinda tiring process, anything can and probably will happen.)

Everyone can, and pretty much does reviews now. So we decided to give this to only those people, who I thought would actually listen to it. We sent it to Inferno Magazine, and to two webzines (Grind To Death, which made this review, and Damned By Light, which has always given us honest and interesting reviews.) Especially these webzines get my full respect for the work they have done for this sort of music (not just grindcore, but this under-the-radar-sort of music.) If you have a blog or webzine or a real zine or whatever, you understand something about grindcore (YOU DON'T NEED TO LIKE IT!) and you want to write a review of our newest album The Doors Of Deception, send us e-mail at

Also if you have too much money in your hands and you want to book us a show, or a short tour, we'll be more than happy to come. Here's the few shows we know for now:
-20.9 Motör Pub, Lahti
-5.10 PRKL-klubi, Helsinki
-7.12 Torvi (Famine Year, Cause For Effect)

And  I almost forgot, I'll be adding The Doors of Deception to our bandcamp sometime soon..

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