tiistai 14. toukokuuta 2013

Something I wrote the other day

Being Zen is understanding that I is nothing but an endless hallway of mirrors. You stand in front of one mirror, and see endless reflections of yourself. But further you go down the hallway, the smaller and more distant, in a way, the image of you gets. It's just a mirage of a reflection of an image. It is a mask you wear, and every single mask is just as real as the other. It's not you, and you are not your masks.

My biggest trauma and my first age crisis was at the age of four, when I realized I will and that I must die. After that, every year has been just celebrating the fact that apparently I am still alive, perceiving this reality and expressing this inner world I have been granted an access to. I know I am not unique in anyway. I know there's thousands of people like me, and in eternity there's infinite amount of  "me"s,  exact me's, writing these same lines.

I walk towards the setting sun. Pebbles on the sidewalk cast shadows that seem to be out of proportion. They glide under my feet, reminding me of a music box, that plays the music of wandering, the music of the universe, pure existence. And for a second, I can only hear that music. The silence of everything, the resonance of eternity that surpasses everything and shows us everything. It's like shadows. When you cast light on something, that something casts a shadow on it's surroundings. The shadow allows us to tell what's the objects relationship with it's environment. Is it  small or large, near or far? And it's as grucial part of our perception as it is to see what the object actually is..
A Shadow.