torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

The Doors of Deception

New Cut To Fit album is more or less writing itself, we just need one more song and it's done. It's called The Doors of Deception, which of course is taken from Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception, which of course was taken from the William Blake poem. And someone else will hopefully steal this some day. Although I know it's quite an likely to have someone that interested in grindcore. But still. This record deals with THEM, they are us. We are them, the voices in our heads, the social roles we need to carry to maintain our status on the society we have decided to be part of. We build ourselves expectations, and make ourselves believe that people around us would expect us these things. It's a sort of balance preserved by mutual fear of breaking the social status quo.

We are also being lead astray from our own lives, from what we might consider important, if we would be given the chance to think about our values for a second. We are drowning in false freedom, we can choose from any brand, but that's about it. We need to choose our brand. And they conjure images and illusions for our eyes. We are being deceived by our senses, they are used to feed us thoughts and needs, hence the name The Doors of Perception. We are all born alike, intelligent, capable, active subjects of our own lives, but far too many of us are being distracted from their own lives, to lead a life of mid-life crises and neurosis and other kinds of psychological issues and feelings of unfulfillment. I have always been interested with psychology and human beings, and with practical existentialism, as in trying to find out what being ME is actually all about, and trying to figure out if what my senses tell me is true. The other night I wrote this thing, which was cut to fit the last song on the album. It's "lyrics of The Doors of Deception the extended 9 hour special version" or something like that.

I try to be as brutally honest to myself as I possibly can
I find it hard to trust my senses most of the time,
Since they seem to deceive me in every turn.
The sensation of existence, such brilliance inhaled with every breath.
In every breath, the promise to let go, with every inhale
The promise to exhale.
The rhythm of life, periodic system of repetition,
Beginnings and ends. All entwined in the process of maintaining life.
And with life, the conscious act to prove your senses either right
or wrong.
To find a conclusion of any sort.
To find peace, although you know there is no such thing
Among the living.
We are disturbed, out of balance, chaotic.
We keep swimming against the tides.
That is our true nature. To fight against the imminent.
Until we are proved wrong.
And even after that.
We are all just expressing our innermost selves,
When we refuse to understand the end,
When we refuse to see the death.
When we turn our senses elsewhere
When we could truly have a chance to learn
How they actually work.
We are afraid of truths. Any sort of truths, especially those
that are true. Because there are also false truths
The social kind of truths.
The kind of truths we need to accept to become accepted in return.
And those are the truths we choose
Instead of those we could find within us.
Other worlds, other words, other thoughts, other oblivions.
We let them remain unfound.
We let Them fill our heads with
These thoughts, These words, These needs, These urges
I need. I want. I need. I want.
Our senses do nothing but amplify these thoughts,
Since they were designed particularly to surpass our nerve-ends
Designed to reach and surpass the limits of our perception
To unlock, to fling open, and to enter
From these Doors of Deception.

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