keskiviikko 23. tammikuuta 2013

Voodoo music

Since someone reads these, I guess it is reason enough to keep on writing. Now I started. There. See? How do I follow a beginning that good? How on earth will it be possible? I don't know. I really don't know. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Now let's see. What's there to discuss? Have you read any good books lately? Seen any good movies? Oh yes! I just saw Django Unchained, and I must say, that only because of that particilur piece of cinematic bombardment, Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds, Tarantino is worth all the hype. When you see those movies, you know that this is the only thing their creator really wants to do with his only life. And I respect that kind of passion for anything.  If you want to build houses with such passion, You will probably build the best fucking houses anyone has ever built, after you get tha hang of it. I know I have that same sort of passion for all this, music, drawing and writing, and I really hope that someday I will be good enough to match that passion. Until that I will just keep on grinding these things through. Blues and grindcore, I think they go together quite well. Potsmokers seem to enjoy both. I like most potsmokers, although there are quite a lot of irritating ones too.

To me, music plays the part of religion, drugs, tripping, breathing, working, it is like Huxley's soma to my brain, except it makes me do mostly positive things and helps my cognitive thinking instead of paralyzing and numbing my mind, as most drugs seem to do. Now I think I have achieved something particularly interesting today. I made about twenty minutes of voodoo music. It was something Huxley called transcending in The Doors of Perception. It was enough to take me out of myself. It was experimental and fun to do, I just started making songs, and I had pretty much no idea how to do most of those things. I just gave in to the music, surrounded myself with plates and salt shakers and all weird stuff, and started playin rhythms, then played some other instruments on top of the rhythms, and that was pretty much how I spent yesterday and today.

Now here's a link if you are interested:

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  1. Oh thanks for writing Jere!
    I really tried to read what you wrote in Finnish with my poor Finnish skills and I only understood some words.
    I liked it. It's the kind of music that I like to listen to when I'm writing something... gives me inspiration!

    Nice you want to come to Brazil and I on the other hand, want to go to Finland.
    How on earth did know about Naná Vasconcelos? Most of us Brazilians never ever heard about him. It's weird how most of people don't admire true artist and listen to a lot of crap instead!
    But nice you like him :)

  2. To be honest I found about him quite recently (although I've always liked brazilian music), when there was a documentary of him going round and looking for the roots of brazilian music. But in between there were cut scenes of him making music with poor kids from some favela, who had all sorts of cans and bottles and boxes as drums, and I saw this man's geniousness. I would really like to meet him some day, and do some sort of youth work with that kind of kids, making music with everyday objects and helping them realize that music is everywhere around us, and we are always playing it even though we may not be aware of it.

    Yeah, I think my Finnish may seem weird since I keep inventing new words when the old ones don't seem to deliver the thoughts accurately enough :D

  3. So you really have the capacity to make Finnish language looks even harder than it already is :P Anyway I'll learn it some day... I hope.

    Yeah there are lots of projects in favelas that help poor children through the music. Very beautiful and marvelous attitudes!