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On Huxley's essays and drug abuse.

Lately I've been reading Aldous Huxley's essays and lectures on the future of mankind, which of course now could as easily be could "the present state of the mankind as seen fifty years ago, but no one seemed to give a shit." It is astonishing how accurate his predictions for future we're, except he seemed to underestimate the over population a bit, since the rate has gone up faster and faster all the time. There are things I agree with, pretty much almost everything, besides some of his views on eugenics. But even those can be seen as a rebellious act in a behaviorist climate, where everyone seemed to over-emphasize the influence of environment over genes. Huxley saw that these too are pretty much equal, and shitty genes can be overcome by better environment, and vice versa, to some extent good genes and natural aptitudes can drive someone towards their "destiny" even though the environment would try and do it's best to suffocate this calling. By destiny I don't mean actual determinist end of someone's life, but the life of beauty and arts or music, or anything alike. There are great artists that can't be held back by ghettos or social exclusion.

Huxley has been a great influence on me because he seemed to be an intelligent man with an open mind and the will to grow and understand the world as it truly was, instead of letting someone else feed him views and opinions. There are some people I know, who just get into him because they've been tripping on psychedelics couple of times and they heard from their dealer  that this guy wrote The Doors of Perception. Most of them have ever read the book, and most of them never will. It was actually that book, that got me into psychedelics, not the other way round. And it was because of the intelligent grip he had on the subject, how he put that experience in line with any mythical experience, showed the link between religious herb/shroom usage and the appreciation of the jewels, all that jazz we are dancing to although we have no idea what band is playing. But it opened my eyes, and I became obsessed with his writings. It also helped me understand, that although I have never taken any psychedelic drugs, I've had similar hallucinations and visuals all my life, although not as strong. I dug deeper down into the early days of LSD, and found out that there were two groups inside the "cult of LSD". On the other side there was Huxley, with his intelligent approach. He wanted to keep the usage reserved for the intelligent people, because he foresaw the power of the drug. Not only the positive power it held for those, who we're clever enough to truly understand and cherish the experience, but also the destructive power it held for the stupid people who weren't. And opposing him the're was Timothy O'Leary, man who I pretty much despise for his PARTY ON!-attitude. While Huxley was alive, the people surrounding them we're able to keep O'Leary at bay, but as soon as this one of the greatest visionaries of our time tripped to his silent death, O'Leary was loose tuning in and dropping out. Shit got out of hand and LSD was illigalized everywhere.

I think we should really study it more, since it is a very potent drug. It can grow you into your human consciousness in one day, it helps alcoholists see their actions in a wider perspective and help them understand how damaging their behaviour is to everyone around them. And that in this time and age is not a minor achievement. I think everyone is willing to get fucked up, but no one wants to take responsibility. They just pass it to the left and escape the reality, which is pretty much what they make it. I have chosen to live this life sober, and of course some of it is fucking shit. That's life. If you deal with it, you won't batter shit up, you won't pile those problems on top of each other like a house of cards, just to wait for it to come down. Of course people can take drugs, it's one's own decision what to do with his or hers only life, but what I am suggesting is, that people should act considerately even with that sort of things. You are not alone in this planet, and you are not truly individual. You are just slightly different combination of all the same things we all consist of. It is our responsibility as self-aware beings to also be aware of each other and carry on the flame of mortal beings. I have just grown tired of these people, who refer to "regular" people as "sheep", but spend all their days looking for the greener grass. What does that make you?

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  1. As you may have seen, my english is very limited so I don't really know what's the point of this post. I don't know many things about LSD and others drugs and never heard about Aldous Huxley so...

    But I don't agree with people who try to get out of their reality by taking drugs (of course it's their life and they decide what to do with it) anyway I don't think it's the best way to solve the problems, to me this attitude just shows how weak you are (it's like religion- denying the truth). You have to face what's upsetting you. I do believe that facing reality is the best remedy.

    Sorry if my comment has nothing to do with the post :P


  2. Yeah, I usually tend to stray way of the path, but I don't really mind, since this is all just "flow writing", straight from the depths of my subconscious and intuition. But you're pretty much spot on, that is exactly what I meant. People should not take the easy way out, if they just deal with the upsetting things, they realize that it's all just life, nothing to be taken too seriously. Just live it as it comes, I know some people have more shit to carry than others, but we can and we should help each other out when we have a chance to do so.