lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

Minor Friction.

This text will be just one opinion, just one young and foolish man's writing about a country, that has a great history, great traditions, great people, but maybe not so great system after all. This is my experience of UK by far. I have been here now for 5 weeks, and I've been granted many opportunities to observe how this system runs in a grass-root level, how do people encounter eachother and how does this Orwellian theme park actually function. My time here has been on the other hand very relaxing, happy, and inspiring. It is because people are nice, kind and helpful towards strangers. The problem is, they tend to be snakes to the ones they know. I could not ever blame them, during my stay the CCTV's have made me paranoid and delusional. They don't make me feel safe at all, they make me feel like I am constantly under surveillence. And I have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, no reason at all to feel this way.

It seems like everyone in here have a solicitor of their own, they need to have, because everyone else has. It's an all-out war, all against all, fought in courts with suits and lies and statements and eyewitnesses. This has made all the companies paranoid, they need to give you safety regulations for everything, they have signs for wet floors, stairs, tables, it seems like it's a huge nursery home for adult babies who can't figure most of this shit out or else they get hurt, and the first thing they do when they do get hurt, would be calling solicitor, instead of thinking is it really necessary. Social services seem to be as dysfunctional, as they are everywhere, blind to the actual suffering of real individuals.

It is sometimes really hard to walk here, on the probably most secure island in the world (if you leave prison-islands, and possible secret war-laboratories out of count) and think about how the empire that spawned George Orwell can't really see how much it moulded itself to fill the guidelines of his nightmares. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to insult the fine people of this country in any way, you have all been great to me, always, it is just the system, that keeps baby monitoring you constantly. I'm pretty sure your Google searches are fingered too, because I get completely different results in Finland, than I do get in here. Awful lot of adverts and things I "might be interested in". Usually I am not.

Some may think I write all this because I want to whinge and whine about something to be an anarchist. I am anarchist only whenever I see that there is a problem, which has a simple solution that would improve the life quality of individuals in society. If people are granted intelligent freedom based on the mutual respect, they become more productive, because they feel they are trusted, and they want to live up to expectations. If working for society is volunteer, it is more focused and motivated. If you keep whipping people and watching them all the time, that clearly sends a message of distrust to the individuals included. This kind of attitude breeds counter-attitude, which in most cases means: FUCK IT! I have already seen this in my work. Youths, who have not much to expect from their future, start abusing drugs at a young age and become the broken wheels of this engine. The engine, anyway, is built out of wood, and if too many of these wheels cause too much friction, it will light up and burn, which we have seen quite a lot of times in the London riots in the news, haven't we now?

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