torstai 22. marraskuuta 2012

Imagine all the possibilities... entangled, and as one, wuhuuuuuuu.

I am not a scientist. If something, I am an artist who craves for knowledge and understanding. If anything I write is wrong merely because of my limited understanding has misinterpreted something that is common knowledge, by all means, let me know, but besides that I keep myself the liberty of letting my mind soar free with the imagination.

I have been reading different theories about time and space and gravity as parts of infinity all afternoon, so I'm not sure how far off this writing thing will shoot me this time. The world that Big Bang created, is just one possibility, one world, one reality, that aligned itself along the guidelines of gravity, time and space. It let the time happen in some sort of space, and it let the space to move and evolve in time, from simple singularity towards the chaos of reality. The chaos keeps getting even more chaotic with ever fastening speed, and this is the place that we call home, the place we try to examine and understand, although we know it is just a facade of experiences entangled with algorithms that guide these experiences and give them proofs of themselves being the rules that this world is based on. The light reflects and the sound echoes, and so on. But if these signals were false or disfigured to begin with, what knowledge we would be left with? nothing. That is why we have science and logic, to concentrate on this world, and not have high hopes of any other possibilities. It's all the same if they exist or not, if we are never able to reach it.

But human mind in itself is the most beautiful and absurd thing. Within our heads everysingle one of us carries all that it takes to create new universes: imagination. Human brains have come up with endless amounts of different theories about pretty much everything there is to think, but what to me is more interesting is our capacity to literally create worlds out of nothing. Literature, music, arts, everything we have come up with, is just our collective sub-conscious, our experiences and thoughts expressed in a certain way to weave a cloth of mankind's essence, it's soul. Through this, we have done some beautiful and destructive things, but they all have given us progress, they all, in their own way take us forward towards something new, it too evolves from simple to more chaotic, expanding and complicating itself with fastening speed. It is incredible to think about it, and it seems that the powers of imagination are pretty much infinite. One might argue, that this sort of non-existent "reality" is not reality, and he might be exactly true, but one must also keep in mind, that our reality in all it's "realness" is not that stable thing either. The deeper inside everything we go, the more unstable it gets, and it's in constant change, nothing acutally "is" still and solid in this universe of ours. That is why practically all the real and unreal things always exist in the same level, somewhere. In inifinity every possible solution is created infinite amount of times. There is infinite "you"s and infinite "me"s somewhere.

I, in my own little head, have often contemplated the possibility of every black hole in every universe actually creating another universe "somewhere else". Like throwing rock to water, once it disappears under the surface, accompanied with a sort of SPLASH!, it is gone from the reality we percieve with our sight, but very existent under the surface of water. This made me think about the stars collapsing into themselves with a splash, disappearing from our world, sucking matter in their whirlpool, but actually blasting a completely new universe on the other side of the fabric of time and space, which to my understanding has been declared to be nearly flat. This may seem a bit complicated, but try to image flat surfaces, that face each other in different angles, and all the universum start from the point these flat surfaces cut each other, which is the black hole. This way, the endless amounts of worlds, would be all linked to each other, but impossible to enter from one another, because they are not the same sort of realities. Little by little this multiverse creates a fabric, that links every possibility to every other possibility, creating something, that becomes infinity, but still there is the problem of infinity outside this sort of fabric. Because if it would exist the way I imagine it, there still would be some sort of time-space-thing outside this multiverse. These, to my little, non-expanded sober mind are intriguing and interesting puzzles, and this is how I spend most of my days. Just wanted to let you have a glimpse to my imagination.

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