perjantai 16. marraskuuta 2012

About information and arguing.

The war on the internet, which is something I wrote on the Havoc Supreme, always gets me. I know it gets to everyone, and everyone gets involved and starts fighting over something they did not give a shit about, but which suddenly grew into huge proportions, because someone else disagreed with your views about how the completely irrelevant thing is. I stay away from all places, that could agitate me to become an ape with a keyboard, because I think provocation for the sake of provocation is nothing but childish war over semantics, to fight over the words you want to use, instead of the words others want to use.

The always entertaining Atheism vs. Religion. I don't want anyone to get anything wrong. I am an atheist. My philosophy has something to do with zen-buddhism, it aims to attain new knowledge, to reach out and to be honest to yourself, admit when you are wrong, and to become a better person, because, as Aldous Huxley said, intelligence and knowledge without good will and charity is cold and inhumane, whereas good will and charity without intelligence to guide them is impotent or misguided. The two must go together, to have intelligent and humane people roaming around the world. In this time and age, the both are as separate as always.

I have ranted about religion and science-war before, and without a doubt I will in future too. I just want it to be fair and honest on all sides, since usually the internet atheists are ignorant towards any sign of empathy they could show towards their "enemies" in this war. Other thing is the usual phrase about how no one has ever been killed in the name of atheism, whereas christianity got hundreds of thousands, or millions of people killed. Well, what about Soviet Union, which was an atheist state, and systematically persecuted religions, in the name of atheism? I heard the counter-argument, that stalinism had nothing to do with atheism, but to be precise, Soviet Union had less to do with communism, than it did with atheism, and still the end defines the reasons of the means. So, as long as we like to stay in the world of facts and what really happened, atheism did get people killed. Whether you embrace the fact or ignore it, is a personal choice, and a question of belief. If you choose to ignore this argument, you can't help letting yourself quite vulnerable to being dragged out to the same pyre as the religious folk, who just seem to have the Reader's Digest of the world's history in their hands.

The knife will always be sharp, no matter what you cut. The facts and information does not cease to exist if you don't like it. Pillaging and ripping throats open was not that crucial part of Christianity, before the Romans got the hold of it, their religion needed to be person-cult, and it needed to have an agenda to spread, so that they could take their borders even further on. After that, it has been more or less a massacre. We can fight over who has slaughtered more idle by-standers, or we can try to achieve some sort of understanding and mutual acceptance, a victory over common internet-babooning. So let's go back to our chambers, whip some humility to our pose and try to get along..

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