torstai 22. marraskuuta 2012

Imagine all the possibilities... entangled, and as one, wuhuuuuuuu.

I am not a scientist. If something, I am an artist who craves for knowledge and understanding. If anything I write is wrong merely because of my limited understanding has misinterpreted something that is common knowledge, by all means, let me know, but besides that I keep myself the liberty of letting my mind soar free with the imagination.

I have been reading different theories about time and space and gravity as parts of infinity all afternoon, so I'm not sure how far off this writing thing will shoot me this time. The world that Big Bang created, is just one possibility, one world, one reality, that aligned itself along the guidelines of gravity, time and space. It let the time happen in some sort of space, and it let the space to move and evolve in time, from simple singularity towards the chaos of reality. The chaos keeps getting even more chaotic with ever fastening speed, and this is the place that we call home, the place we try to examine and understand, although we know it is just a facade of experiences entangled with algorithms that guide these experiences and give them proofs of themselves being the rules that this world is based on. The light reflects and the sound echoes, and so on. But if these signals were false or disfigured to begin with, what knowledge we would be left with? nothing. That is why we have science and logic, to concentrate on this world, and not have high hopes of any other possibilities. It's all the same if they exist or not, if we are never able to reach it.

But human mind in itself is the most beautiful and absurd thing. Within our heads everysingle one of us carries all that it takes to create new universes: imagination. Human brains have come up with endless amounts of different theories about pretty much everything there is to think, but what to me is more interesting is our capacity to literally create worlds out of nothing. Literature, music, arts, everything we have come up with, is just our collective sub-conscious, our experiences and thoughts expressed in a certain way to weave a cloth of mankind's essence, it's soul. Through this, we have done some beautiful and destructive things, but they all have given us progress, they all, in their own way take us forward towards something new, it too evolves from simple to more chaotic, expanding and complicating itself with fastening speed. It is incredible to think about it, and it seems that the powers of imagination are pretty much infinite. One might argue, that this sort of non-existent "reality" is not reality, and he might be exactly true, but one must also keep in mind, that our reality in all it's "realness" is not that stable thing either. The deeper inside everything we go, the more unstable it gets, and it's in constant change, nothing acutally "is" still and solid in this universe of ours. That is why practically all the real and unreal things always exist in the same level, somewhere. In inifinity every possible solution is created infinite amount of times. There is infinite "you"s and infinite "me"s somewhere.

I, in my own little head, have often contemplated the possibility of every black hole in every universe actually creating another universe "somewhere else". Like throwing rock to water, once it disappears under the surface, accompanied with a sort of SPLASH!, it is gone from the reality we percieve with our sight, but very existent under the surface of water. This made me think about the stars collapsing into themselves with a splash, disappearing from our world, sucking matter in their whirlpool, but actually blasting a completely new universe on the other side of the fabric of time and space, which to my understanding has been declared to be nearly flat. This may seem a bit complicated, but try to image flat surfaces, that face each other in different angles, and all the universum start from the point these flat surfaces cut each other, which is the black hole. This way, the endless amounts of worlds, would be all linked to each other, but impossible to enter from one another, because they are not the same sort of realities. Little by little this multiverse creates a fabric, that links every possibility to every other possibility, creating something, that becomes infinity, but still there is the problem of infinity outside this sort of fabric. Because if it would exist the way I imagine it, there still would be some sort of time-space-thing outside this multiverse. These, to my little, non-expanded sober mind are intriguing and interesting puzzles, and this is how I spend most of my days. Just wanted to let you have a glimpse to my imagination.

perjantai 16. marraskuuta 2012

About information and arguing.

The war on the internet, which is something I wrote on the Havoc Supreme, always gets me. I know it gets to everyone, and everyone gets involved and starts fighting over something they did not give a shit about, but which suddenly grew into huge proportions, because someone else disagreed with your views about how the completely irrelevant thing is. I stay away from all places, that could agitate me to become an ape with a keyboard, because I think provocation for the sake of provocation is nothing but childish war over semantics, to fight over the words you want to use, instead of the words others want to use.

The always entertaining Atheism vs. Religion. I don't want anyone to get anything wrong. I am an atheist. My philosophy has something to do with zen-buddhism, it aims to attain new knowledge, to reach out and to be honest to yourself, admit when you are wrong, and to become a better person, because, as Aldous Huxley said, intelligence and knowledge without good will and charity is cold and inhumane, whereas good will and charity without intelligence to guide them is impotent or misguided. The two must go together, to have intelligent and humane people roaming around the world. In this time and age, the both are as separate as always.

I have ranted about religion and science-war before, and without a doubt I will in future too. I just want it to be fair and honest on all sides, since usually the internet atheists are ignorant towards any sign of empathy they could show towards their "enemies" in this war. Other thing is the usual phrase about how no one has ever been killed in the name of atheism, whereas christianity got hundreds of thousands, or millions of people killed. Well, what about Soviet Union, which was an atheist state, and systematically persecuted religions, in the name of atheism? I heard the counter-argument, that stalinism had nothing to do with atheism, but to be precise, Soviet Union had less to do with communism, than it did with atheism, and still the end defines the reasons of the means. So, as long as we like to stay in the world of facts and what really happened, atheism did get people killed. Whether you embrace the fact or ignore it, is a personal choice, and a question of belief. If you choose to ignore this argument, you can't help letting yourself quite vulnerable to being dragged out to the same pyre as the religious folk, who just seem to have the Reader's Digest of the world's history in their hands.

The knife will always be sharp, no matter what you cut. The facts and information does not cease to exist if you don't like it. Pillaging and ripping throats open was not that crucial part of Christianity, before the Romans got the hold of it, their religion needed to be person-cult, and it needed to have an agenda to spread, so that they could take their borders even further on. After that, it has been more or less a massacre. We can fight over who has slaughtered more idle by-standers, or we can try to achieve some sort of understanding and mutual acceptance, a victory over common internet-babooning. So let's go back to our chambers, whip some humility to our pose and try to get along..

lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

Minor Friction.

This text will be just one opinion, just one young and foolish man's writing about a country, that has a great history, great traditions, great people, but maybe not so great system after all. This is my experience of UK by far. I have been here now for 5 weeks, and I've been granted many opportunities to observe how this system runs in a grass-root level, how do people encounter eachother and how does this Orwellian theme park actually function. My time here has been on the other hand very relaxing, happy, and inspiring. It is because people are nice, kind and helpful towards strangers. The problem is, they tend to be snakes to the ones they know. I could not ever blame them, during my stay the CCTV's have made me paranoid and delusional. They don't make me feel safe at all, they make me feel like I am constantly under surveillence. And I have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, no reason at all to feel this way.

It seems like everyone in here have a solicitor of their own, they need to have, because everyone else has. It's an all-out war, all against all, fought in courts with suits and lies and statements and eyewitnesses. This has made all the companies paranoid, they need to give you safety regulations for everything, they have signs for wet floors, stairs, tables, it seems like it's a huge nursery home for adult babies who can't figure most of this shit out or else they get hurt, and the first thing they do when they do get hurt, would be calling solicitor, instead of thinking is it really necessary. Social services seem to be as dysfunctional, as they are everywhere, blind to the actual suffering of real individuals.

It is sometimes really hard to walk here, on the probably most secure island in the world (if you leave prison-islands, and possible secret war-laboratories out of count) and think about how the empire that spawned George Orwell can't really see how much it moulded itself to fill the guidelines of his nightmares. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to insult the fine people of this country in any way, you have all been great to me, always, it is just the system, that keeps baby monitoring you constantly. I'm pretty sure your Google searches are fingered too, because I get completely different results in Finland, than I do get in here. Awful lot of adverts and things I "might be interested in". Usually I am not.

Some may think I write all this because I want to whinge and whine about something to be an anarchist. I am anarchist only whenever I see that there is a problem, which has a simple solution that would improve the life quality of individuals in society. If people are granted intelligent freedom based on the mutual respect, they become more productive, because they feel they are trusted, and they want to live up to expectations. If working for society is volunteer, it is more focused and motivated. If you keep whipping people and watching them all the time, that clearly sends a message of distrust to the individuals included. This kind of attitude breeds counter-attitude, which in most cases means: FUCK IT! I have already seen this in my work. Youths, who have not much to expect from their future, start abusing drugs at a young age and become the broken wheels of this engine. The engine, anyway, is built out of wood, and if too many of these wheels cause too much friction, it will light up and burn, which we have seen quite a lot of times in the London riots in the news, haven't we now?