torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

Tripping still.

They try to sell me anything they can. Toys, food, wine, anything from cologne to cognac. They are desperate, but hide it in smiles. Every single tall blonde from Finland boarded this flight. Cliche airlines. It's still far more comfortable flight than the ones before. No complaints on that part, we#re still flying through the air horizontally, which is a good thing, I believe. Can't wait to get to sit in trains. It feels exactly like this. By now this trip has cost me 116 euros, plus some salmiakki for my host family. I wanted to get more of it, but I was in a hurry. Sorry. I#m listening to Neurosis' Given To The Rising, trying my best to ignore the kids and wine-sipping menopause-monsters. I think we're almost half-way to London.

In London I paid £93 for a train ticket that cost me an extra £17 when I got to the last train. The first time they actually checked my  ticket. It's an 1984-theme park. CCTV signs everywhere, train personnel assumes you're there to break laws, all of them. People are the same everywhere. Some are nice, most are complete twats. Except here in Wales. Here it's the other way round. And the spiders come in sizes and colors of Finnish cows, and cows come in colors and sizes of Finnish spiders.

Everyone's so nice they make me feel socially clumsy and huge. Like a giant in a cottage built entirely out of straws. Outside the house I feel odd. People greet me and smile, if they can't help me they're actually sorry, whereas Finnish people would just stare at me. We don't take kindly on strangers bearing their necks, showing they don't know something. We are always at war with each other, and giving this kind of leverage means death in the wild. RAWR, indeed.

First day of work behind. It was tiring but nice. It's still something to get used to, and I have shitloads of new routes to remember. But it's practically the same job I had back home. Tossing bag for other people, I'm used to it. I'd need to focus. Sit still. Listen to some music. Oh, wait. That's exactly what I'm doing. Sitting. In a train. Again.

And another day behind, this one was completely different. People keep telling me my English is great, but it doesn't quite feel like it when I can't understand half of their accent. It's thick as a forest made of bricks and concrete. But little by little I'll catch on some words. Get the hang of it. Now I'm back at the house. Listening to Graveyard. Soon we'll have omelette. All is well.

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