perjantai 20. heinäkuuta 2012

Havoc Supreme, coming soon!

Havoc Supreme is out next week and you can order yours by sending us mail at . I will answer you next week when I have the records in my hands, until that everything is uncertain and will go wrong, in my head at least. It'll cost 8 euros + delivery, 16 tracks of shitty grindcore and twelve pages of stupid pictures made by moi. You can read the lyrics at . It'll be out on printed CD-R. Lately there's been shitloads of arguments about how shitty format it is. And it is. But for a broke ass DIY-band like us, it is pretty much the only solution at the moment. It is the most versatile format, because you can rip it to your computer or record it on the C-casette. It gives you possibilities to go more digital or more analog if you want. It's way cheaper than printing vinyls, which of course would grant us with some extra Scene Points (SP, those addicted to rpg's know this stuff). We will print vinyls some day, but until we'll start our mornings with a quick skinny dip in our pools filled with green, we will go with the cheapest possible way of releasing music. Because I believe music should be AVAILABLE, as easy and cheap as possible. When we sell out the pressing (which will be 100 copies), we'll put it on our website for free download, unless someone has done it already.

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