lauantai 28. huhtikuuta 2012

Zombies on stage

Technology has brought a completely new kind of ethical question to our attention: Is it appropriate to bring the dead back to life? Not long ago Tupac Shakur was raised back from the dead in form of 3D hologram to perform for a bunch of people. The company behind this planned to take Tupac on tour, which Dr. Dre apparently prevented. Think about it. How would you feel seeing your dead friend brought back as someone else's puppet, just to make a few quick bucks out of stupid people who want to see the newest technology bring dead back to life? But no matter how real it may get, it's never the real thing. No matter how much of their personal physical features you manage to fit in the holographic show, you can never catch the spirit. The Idea of bringin KURT COBAIN back on stage really made me think about the ethics of all this. Bringing back someone who did not want to live in the first place sounds just plain stupid and... wrong? In my opinion, the essence of these artist who have died at such a young age lies purely on their legacy. The manifest they made by dropping out. Of course Tupac differs from Kurt Cobain, because he did not choose to get shot. But to me Kurt's music and views on life have always been something I look at with respect, and if that man wanted to die that much, we should not piss on his grave..

The beauty in all human life lies in it's limited time. I know I'd want to live for a thousand years, because I don't think my own music is never going to be something that unique. It's too private. So I could keep doing it forever, searching for my own limits, looking for the answers to my inner most questions. But for those, who have actually managed to write great music, something completely beyond our current understanding, the end defines the value. What would holographic dead artist say between the songs? "sorry I'm here, they bought my soul and essence and now I have to be their puppet and tour the world. It's in the contract." Why not have the hologram-Cobain blow his brains out at the end of every show? You can pretty much make 'em do anything you want. ANd that is the problem, they are not themselves, they are mindless puppets, with someone else's views and values. I bet none of the engineers has the beautiful mind of Hendrix. None of them can know what goes through his mind while he plays guitar. The image and soul, they differ in so many ways. You can't abstract them from their original context without making a complete ass out of yourself.

This thing gives me a migraine. I'll have to go lay down, my thoughts are like a swamp I have to crawl through right now. Just let Robert Johnson lay in his grave, don't fuck shit up. I beg you. I hope money can't buy even these fucks everything.

sunnuntai 1. huhtikuuta 2012

Bandcamp updated!

I updated our Bandcamp, now you can listen to both Babylon Burns and Fire Works, for free, online! fuck yeah! there's also a chance of catching some new shit soon...

European tour 2012

Hi, I'm trying to arrange a tour for our grindcore band Cut To Fit. We'd probably be touring with our mates from Spawn From Deceit, if you live somewhere around Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria or Slovakia, and think you can help us arrange some shows, please contact me instantly at . We don't need money besides something to cover the gas expenses, food and a place to stay, and a local band to play with will be much appreciated. You probably stumbled upon this blog while searching our music from blogspot, so you know how to find it. To make things even easier, you can download pretty much everything from our website:

Help us get this shit out of the way as soon as possible, so we can tell our bosses to go fuck themselves and start begging for the gas money! We are DIY all the way, and I'm out of job while trying to re-educate myself, Eetu and Vili of course make shitloads of money with their near-minimum wage jobs.