tiistai 7. helmikuuta 2012

About Utopia, This Far...

I've been reading Thomas More's Utopia lately, well, I started it last night and couldn't hold myself 'till the end, I just had to come online and blast out all the thoughts I have this far. First of all, More's "friend" Raphael in the book is clearly his own voice in disguise, but I guess the few who actually read it know this already. Nothing new about hiding philosophy, especially one critisizing society and status quo, in form of dialogue, becouse it's kinda handy way of washing your own hands of all further responsibilities. Raphael states in this book, that we won't be able to build a fully functional society as long as we are stuck in our material, personal posession. Old Fight Club truth straight out of Palahniuk's mouth: things you own end up owning you. This is the very essential obstacle standing between us, and all the happy-happy-joy-joylands we can possibly imagine. I'm not saying communism would be any better answer, we all saw how that turned out.

I'm saying that one's personal posessions should be limited, in terms of DON'T OWN WHAT YOU DON'T NEED IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN YOUR PEACE OF MIND. Get it? If you, for example, enjoy music, you should focus on having posessions that would actually help you develop your chracter, instead of wanting to have every single piece of plastic ever made hanging on your walls. And use your common sense. If someone thinks that limiting someones right to own "things" would be limiting their freedom, we need to find some definition for what actually is freedom. In my opinion, it is the complete lack of things limiting you. So there we have it, in the light of Chuck Palahniuk's wise crack, we don't need random shit, because being free to consume is not actually freedom. It is just a refined way of slavery, because if you WANT to consume, you need to do shitloads of other things. You need to get a job, you need to dress for the job, you need to adjust your whole life and rhythm to fit the job, you need to work, so that you can get paid and you can consume. To be free to consume, is not freedom. To have the choice to become a slave and to consume on the other hand is. But don't give anyone bullshit about using consumerism as a way of self-expression. You could be painting pictures and writing songs, earn some money and express yourself. And everyone can do these things. Everyone should. It's accessible for anyone, always. They are skills, just like making food. Everything can be learned and taught.

We are herd animals. We have a natural, undisputed need to belong, to have warm interactions with people alike. It's psychosocial. We will go nuts if we don't get acceptance and acknowledgement from our peers. We don't need to go too far back in history (Utoya, anyone?) to find some individiual human beings, who have been unable to find this sort of connections with people alike, who would have help him feel wanted and valued. Capitalism, in it's current form, is out to make us all a bit delusional, paranoid and scared of our own neighbours. Thomas More described an utopian society, where people don't own too much, everyone works for 6 hours a day, no matter what your status or title is. Of course this sort of agricultural sociaty is today outdated, but it's basic foundations are still here.

We should offer work for everyone in need, becouse there's lots of jobs that won't get themselves done because we have made it all impossible with bureaucracy and unrealistic expectations about economic growth. It's not that hard. We should appreciate and offer more possibilities for volunteer work. There's thousands of kids out there who'd like nothing more to get a job, but have been dropped out of the system for minor crimes (posession of drugs, shoplifting, getting into a fight, etc) and can't get a real job. They'd probably love to join our new president Sauli Niinistö in his endless fight against snow in his yard. Let the kids have a chance.

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