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Enemy of Any Business.

Tim Minchin got banned from Jonathan Ross show, because executive thought his song was too provocative and would stirr a shitstorm in a Christmas show. Tim, naturally was pissed off, here's his rant, and below my comment on it:

"I think that’s complete, absolute, utter oxfeces. The song was one of the most intelligent interpretations of Jesus I’ve ever encountered. I’ve always admired your big brains, and your way with words, and I was laughing my ass off when I watched the video, thinking that you are dodging all the bullets and still getting your message through with this song, and then I read the rant and found out you were cut out anyway… I knew British people (especially ones working with telly or politics) were uptight, but I was not aware that they carry clusters of bananas stuffed up their asses.

It’s funny how Christianity, in all it’s randomness has gained such an chokehold on …well, everything. After all it’s nothing more than a misinterpretation of one jewish fellow, who probably never told anyone he’d be the only son of god, let alone starting a new religious cult in his own name (at least according to what I’ve read about this fellow, it would not fit the profile.) He was just misfortunate and surrounded by stupid people. I believe he was one of the many anarchist, humane fellows of his time, but after his martyr death things blew out of proportion. Without Romans there would not have been Christianity for the past 1700 years, it would have withered and died, but because it survived to the middle ages and was the last solid Roman ideal, it was preserved… Well, I guess you know all this, but my point is, that it’s just random luck that brought Christianity to it’s current state, and they just dodge this by relying on their fatalist faith, saying it was meant to be.

I think it’s just so fucking irritating to see such cencorship in the “western civilization”, which are all about freedom of speech and liberty on the paper, but something completely different when the reality hits the fan. Saying we’re better than Chinese does not make us better than Chinese. We’d need some shit to back that accusation up, and cencoring a song like this does not really do the trick.
Keep up the good work, come to Finland and I’ll buy you a cheap glass of red wine and we’ll discuss these and all other things. You made my day, but stupidity of TV executives already ruined it. I’m off to write some angry music."
The bit that made me think further on is the one about Chinese. We usually use China as an example when we try to find a place, where people are oppressed and their freedoms are limited to minimum. NO one complained about their crimes against human rights when we were on our knees, begging for money to save EU. I would not say we are any more free than they are. We're victims of very vivid and visible oppression, that is without a doubt even worse than oppression coming from the state alone: we have reached the time and place in the history, when our freedoms are limited by "multi-national corporations", just as Napalm Death declared about 25 years ago. I don't mean McDonald's or that sort of colonialist shitfaces, things are not one-sided, they provide chickenshitjobs for people who would not get any other job. I'm talking about major record labels, SOPA/ACTA-bullshit.

I'm a musician, and my statement is that art which is not honest, is just a decorative piece of furniture, pretty but hollow. Honest artist, who has something to say, is willing to do his or hers shit without getting paid too. It's his passion, probably the only thing he can do, so he does not have a choice. Of course, it's always a great thing if you can make a living with your music or arts, but usually it just drains all your money. And you still don't have a choice. Internet has introduced me to a shitloads of bands I would have never encountered otherwise. This is because of PIRACY. My music would not spread without PIRACY. Today it is somewhat grucial part of the music world, because record labels fucked us in the ass in prices for good twenty years. It's their own grave the greedy fucks dug, and now when it would be the time to lay down and let us bury them alive, they start suddenly policing the globe, running around "because they want to bring to the copyright owners what belongs to them."

Now this is where it gets interesting. Whereas twenty years ago "copyright owner" meant automatically "musician", on this millenium, it has become more and more "the one with the dough". Meaning the record label representative, who came up with the idea of putting these kids on stage. AND anyone with the dough can buy someone else's copyrights. This is fucked up. Although the idea of Bill Gates buying Justin Bieber's copyrights to shut him down may sound tempting, one should keep mind, that Justin Bieber did not write his songs. So, would buying his copyrights do any damage to Justin Bieber? Of course you can always buy the "brand" and the "name", so he can't use them anymore, but then he'd simply became Just Justin and switched to another label and "made" new songs. The fucked up part, in my opinion is, that the major labels are buying us all silent one by one, paralyzing music "business" in itself, since individual people can't share the music they love with others without violating someones "RIGHTS". WHAT THE FUCK!? They would be violating someone's RIGHTS, if they ripped a whole song, changed the name and played it as their own. Wait, no they wouldn't, because mankind has been playing the same twelve fucking notes for the last three millenias. Listen to the blues. There's practically three songs, that are varied, and no one complained about copyrights. But if I take my guitar, go to the street corner and play Boom, Boom, Boom, it's concidered a show and I need to fill attendance information and which songs I have played and.... FUCK. This makes me mad, because they say they are helping the artists, but they are actually helping three artists, 99 lawyers for every single one of them, and paralyzing the whole world with their stupidity.

I say, revolt. Download music, spread the art, kill the business. Fuck your copyrights, we know what is ours, what we have done and what we have stolen. Let's see it that the music business will die, and those who really love MUSIC, are out there, doing the thing they love, just like they were long before there was any business in the Music. We made a song about this, it will be on our next record, Havoc Supreme. The name is an answer to Napalm Death's Enemy of the music business.

Keep your fucking dollars to yourselves.
We're not obligated to be your slaves.
You don't own us, no one will.
This as far as your bullshit flies
There was music before business.
This is the death of your music industry
Keep your copy rights, we know what's ours.
Your law-term warfare has been outdone.
This is the end of your music business.

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