tiistai 27. joulukuuta 2011

United Places and Whereabouts of Random Heritages From Around the World.

I salute you for everything you are, everything you try to stand for, and everything you think you are. I can't really describe how I feel about your country, with it's ideals that exist and are very alive in paper and bureaucratic sense of being, but still manage to be non-existent when it should result in something good, pure and honest. "It's called having a cake, and eating it too." as they claimed in South Park. That is of course the beauty of United States of America. You don't have to choose sides. You don't have to be intelligent. There's always enough people to fill all sides. To the rest of the world it seems, that even when you are right, you are right for wrong reasons. But that is not your fault. I totally understand that your educational system sucks as and it's still facing more and more cuts when economy gets rough on your country. Well of course, what is the first victim of any crisis that needs to get filled with money? Clever citizens. It's easy to keep your own people stupid, so that they would not question the upcoming cuts in their healthcare or fundamental human rights. As long as you let them carry guns and destroy their braincells, you have a somewhat functional society in your hands.

I do not hate America. I want to visit there, I believe it is indeed one of the most fascinating countries in the world, I believe it has a shitload of intelligent and beautiful people trying to survive their daily grind, just as anywhere, but you have to realize you live in a mental dictatorship. Its partially your governments fault, but more than anything, you are slaves to your beautiful American Dream. You are a nationwide pyramid scam in flesh. You are taught to believe that in America anyone can be anything. That is not true. It's the same kind of ideal, that is the basis of all pyramid scamming. If you follow the simple rules of the system, you will become a billionaire. There's no doubt about it. And if you fail, you just did not try and want it hard enough. It was YOUR FAULT. This is your common capitalist belief. It does not give you any leash, it does not leave any space to be more human towards each other, when everyone's either a self-made man or just deadweight. The power in all this is just in your head. As long as you believe in it, the spell is very vivid, it is the chain in your ankles. When you get to abandon it, you will be truly as free as you think you are.

If you open your eyes, you will see your own place and status as a historical being, eith a freedom to be a human being. Your government is willing to sacrifice you all to keep the fascades of success and free market up. You are the ones who came up with capitalism, so you don't want to admit it failed, just like communism did. But as long as it has an -ism in it, it's institutionalized. And every institution has it's foundations, that are conservative, non-adaptive. And the ability to adapt is the new black. The world stood still for quite a long time, but now, since the beginning of industrialization and neo-colonialist globalization, we can not sit still and believe that what was the absolute truth yesterday would be it today. Actually it might change before it turns to noon. There's always constant change. Capitalism is drawing in it's last breaths. And we need to abandon the burning ship, before it burns as all with it. One might of course claim that in this sort of metaphor we're the rats, but it's better to be a living rat than a dead piece of wood that'll soon catch the fire already licking it's dying friends clean from life.

America is the promised land of freedoms. Freedoms you have given away. Your governmental system is the politically correct reactional nest of bureaucracy, afraid of any change the future might bring. Your freedom of speech is limited by the fact that you are too afraid of insulting eachother, becouse the government has made every single insult ad hominem a hatecrime. That sort of situation must be excruciating. If there really was a freedom of speech, it would not be afraid of conflict. There would be a freedom to express your opinion on anything, even racist or obscure ones, without the fear of punishment. Because with freedom of speach comes the responsibility of self-criticism, listening, and evaluating. I'm not saying you should allow people to be racist and act like a fucktard. I'm saying there should be no fear of conflict, they should be faced with the maturity and concideration needed. Ok, we are having a conflict. Where do we go from here? Work it out somehow. There's always a reasonable way of settling things.

I don't wanna sound like a nagging little bitch. You have done many great things, but very few of them political or economical decisions. Most, if not all of them, have something to do the unique mix of cultures you have there. A german writing about his war against nazis, irish guys rapping, african men playing blues and country, all these very, very absurd combinations that have escalated in the form of arts could not have happened anywhere else. It's just beautiful to be simple. I don't want to see it burn in the hell your ideals have created, while painting heavens for your retinas to feast on.

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