torstai 22. joulukuuta 2011

Take A Guess.

World is all we can see when when we tak a peek through the keyhole.
Life is all we can imagine, and it all will eventually come to life.
If the world we see is the small detail of all the possible beings and forms we can imagine, that is. Did this confuse you? Let's dig deeper into this. Your perception of reality is not the objective truth of how things are, neither is mine, neither is any human aspect to this world. Our conscious mind is just watching it all through the keyhole, making notions and deductions of what might be on the other side of this door, that remains eternally shut, except for those few who can let go and lose their own mind in endless stream of experiences of presence. By this I mean, either do a shitload of drugs or lose their personality and consciousness, and become just a being that is completely connected with the world, but unable to reflect on any of it.

Because we are locked behind these little doors, into these little rooms we call skulls, we must converge our rooms with other rooms to make more vivid guesses of what actually is outside these rooms. And that is exactly what all mankind's knowledge is. Guessing. We can just guess. And build our perception of this reality on these more or less educated guesses, that are built on other people's guesses. The further down the path we go, more vague our ideas will get, more unstable will be the basis of this house we've built. We're all just playing this endless guessing game. What is the smallest particle of atom? What is the meaning of life? How many nuclear warheads would it take to erase all traces of mankind's existence? How many people must hit the bottom before they become collecively conscious of their shitty situation? How many brothers must Kain kill to get noticed around here? Will we ever get out of this mess the boys with all the money dumped upon us? All our philosophers, leaders, writers, musicians have participated in this guessing game. I have, and I will, too. I love this game more than pretty much anything. It requires the acknowledgement of yourself as an unfinished, historical being, as Freire declared. You'll do better if you're a free thinker, a humanist, but that is optional. In the end we all lose. But it's still a fun way to pass some time while being stuck in this life.

We are here to take a guess. All the big questions are being poured on our shoulders as our mothers kick us out of their wombs. The first thing you see is a guy in a uniform, and you'll see many during your lifetime. No one tells you this, and in my opinion it should be told with every new purchase of "Life"™, but you'll probably get something, a latex-gloved finger, a penis, a dildo, or some other random object shoved up your ass at least once in your life time. Depends on your gender, sexual behaviour and plain curiosity, too. It's the small print that no one reads. And when the time comes, you'll feel unaware and violated. It may be prostate exam, check for colon cancer, or something else, but you'll never trust guys in uniform again. Just something you should keep in mind, in case of future.

We have taken some good and bad guesses. Hitler took a pretty bad one. And not only because he was obviously "quite" wrong, but becouse it affected millions and millions of other lives, not just his. Confucious, Plato, Vonnegut, Calvino... there's an endless amount of good guessers. Most of them dead, of course. That usually is the main price for a good guess. And for a bad guess too. In fact it's the price of all guessing. And not guessing at all. See, you can as well educate yourself and guess as much as you want, for just laying down on the road drunk will kill you too. You can't run, so you can as well be humane, and treat other kids nicely, be helpful and kind instead of being such a waste of sperm all the time. Thank you. Peace out.

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