perjantai 16. joulukuuta 2011

Indonesian Punks, Victims of Persecution!

Indonesian police arrested over sixty punks at a charity concert for the orphans, cut their hair and put them on some sort of moral rehabilitation camp. This of course includes praying and not-expressing yourself. One might easily make this a debate between the modern times and ancient religions that still bind us down, but I don't believe this has that much to do with religion. It is just the scapegoat used in order to get rid of something the police do not understand and can not regulate. I asked Ade from Noxa about this and his opinion was that police might not even know what punk is, and what it stands for, but the punks seem too rough to let them walk around without a ball and chain attached to their ankles. Certainly it is clear that this sort of act is a violation of human rights, and no one should suffer this kind of emotional rape of identity just for their looks.

I signed the petition below, and I hope some of you would sign it too, for it is a display of true power us lone individuals can still have in this world of bullshit facades and corporate interests. When we must go down, we must go down with as much racket and noise as possible, not to let it go unseen and unheard. When the police of Bandah Aceh get the world's punks solid discontent towards their actions, the social pressure to admit acting against these individuals human rights will grow. Hopefully that would be enough to do the trick, but on the other hand I've seen enough of this world to know that might not be the case.

In times like these, there'll be atheists and christians pointing and blaming everything solely on the islam and it's laws and traditions, but we could easily find morons in every religion, especially among the non-believers. If I am wrong, enlighten me, but I believe this was just an attack towards youth culture, and their unity, becouse there's an on-going war between the old and the young, always is and always has been. It's the natural course of things, but it should never escalate in such brutal way, but in discussions where both sides can freely express their opinions and all voices should be heard. Both "old" and "young" would probably find something in common, and have something new to think about. I have always respected my elders, for they have always seen more of this world than I have. But if they'd go as far as cutting my hair and trying to limit my freedom to be who I am, it would most definately be the deal breaker.

Sign the Petition!

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  1. To make my comment about moronic atheists more clear, here's what I answered to one comment about this:
    "Yeah, there more moronic believers, than there's moronic atheists, but the ones among atheists make it even harder to build any kind of intellectual conversation or dialog between the two, for they are always out to destroy instead of building. They manage to ruin it for the all of us, giving believers all their cheap arguments about us being as blind as them (not minding the fact that it does not help them see any better.) Not every free-thinker is Tim Minchin."