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Cut To Fit - Havoc Supreme

I'm bored. And when I'm bored, I either start writing or thinking, never the two at the same time. It would be a disaster to think while writing, I would probably end up with solid plans for world peace or the best song ever made, but luckily enough these will never happen, becouse I in all my divine self-righteous bullshit glory have decided to keep these two interesting but creative hobbies separate. So all you'll have is some mindless blabbering about something stupid, or a free flow of thoug.... "things" after a documentary seen or an action taken.

So now, the next Cut To Fit "album" is recorded. It was supposed to be our first FULL LENGTH with 18 minutes of material, but we played too fast and it ended up being just 16.39 minutes long. So according to my standards it does not count as a fucking full length. There's a magical line drawn between 17 minutes 59 seconds and 18 minutes 00 seconds which decides whether the recording is a full length or an EP. I know in grindcore shorter burst are best, and we do have 16 songs on this record, but it kinda pisses me off. On the other hand, it's a nice anecdote to share with your grandchildren while telling stories of your awesome, adventurous youth. My kids may grow with a whole new world history, but my grandkids will be seriously mentally fucked up.

Something about the recording. It will be called Havoc Supreme, not becouse it sounds epic, but becouse long before this band (two, three years? It's a long time when you're 16.) me and Vili used to play in a band called Havoc Supreme, Ena came along too but Vili left to form six other great bands. We played in this band with our dear friends Ohtonen, who's the Finnish champ of Muay Thai now, and Harri, who actually was the only bass player Cut To Fit has ever had (for like four or five rehearsals maybe?). Later on we find out that Tomppa, who recorded our first demo and most our stuff anyway (including this record), played in the band Great Rage/Hate Project, and Vili stole the name Havoc Supreme from their demo. So it's a display of how fucking small the world really is, and of course it sounds great too. Altough it sounds a lot like all-meat pizza name.

Recording was pretty fast. I drove us home from the Seinäjoki gig we had, none of us slept over five hours I think, I suck at driving and it was raining like hell. We we're all exhausted and completely annihilated, but we had promised Tomppa we at least go set the gear up. We started recording something, and finally ended up recording all the drums. It was around 1.40 a.m. when I got to sleep, alarm clock set to 6.30 sharp. I had an eight hour school day, Ena and Tomppa went to record guitars earlier and we're finishing up when I came in. In just a couple of hours we had finished recording and started mixing, but our ears we're filled with all that noise, and the guitars sound a bit lame. Tomppa mixed it again on wednesday, and now it is just perfect. Violent motherfucker!

Lyrically it's about mental suppression. Most of the songs deal with identity and how it can be altered and mutilated, how we absorb our oppressors and embrace their views and opinions as our own. How we become our oppressors we call "leaders". Difference is, that leaders should have at least a slight idea of the direction we should follow, but these morons just simply do not. They have short term goals and plans, they have no idea of how to keep us all alive tomorrow. It has an embarring amount of words that rhyme with "lie", it could easily be a rap record if you stripped it down to just vocals and beats. It makes my obsession with fire even more clear. It's also about this technocratic world getting strangled by it's own wires, machines putting human beings out of work, meking their work humiliating and meaningless. Instead of doing shit, they are watching the robot do their shit. This takes the physical and mental aspects out of the very essence of work, leaving us fat and mentally wrecked limp dicks who do the only thing we can: consume. It is an Ode to the modern day Consumer-Gatherer, the new ape with two hands with ten fingers to grab all he can eat and devour!

Here's a sample in form of Silvottu Totuus (Mutilated Truth)

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