tiistai 27. joulukuuta 2011

United Places and Whereabouts of Random Heritages From Around the World.

I salute you for everything you are, everything you try to stand for, and everything you think you are. I can't really describe how I feel about your country, with it's ideals that exist and are very alive in paper and bureaucratic sense of being, but still manage to be non-existent when it should result in something good, pure and honest. "It's called having a cake, and eating it too." as they claimed in South Park. That is of course the beauty of United States of America. You don't have to choose sides. You don't have to be intelligent. There's always enough people to fill all sides. To the rest of the world it seems, that even when you are right, you are right for wrong reasons. But that is not your fault. I totally understand that your educational system sucks as and it's still facing more and more cuts when economy gets rough on your country. Well of course, what is the first victim of any crisis that needs to get filled with money? Clever citizens. It's easy to keep your own people stupid, so that they would not question the upcoming cuts in their healthcare or fundamental human rights. As long as you let them carry guns and destroy their braincells, you have a somewhat functional society in your hands.

I do not hate America. I want to visit there, I believe it is indeed one of the most fascinating countries in the world, I believe it has a shitload of intelligent and beautiful people trying to survive their daily grind, just as anywhere, but you have to realize you live in a mental dictatorship. Its partially your governments fault, but more than anything, you are slaves to your beautiful American Dream. You are a nationwide pyramid scam in flesh. You are taught to believe that in America anyone can be anything. That is not true. It's the same kind of ideal, that is the basis of all pyramid scamming. If you follow the simple rules of the system, you will become a billionaire. There's no doubt about it. And if you fail, you just did not try and want it hard enough. It was YOUR FAULT. This is your common capitalist belief. It does not give you any leash, it does not leave any space to be more human towards each other, when everyone's either a self-made man or just deadweight. The power in all this is just in your head. As long as you believe in it, the spell is very vivid, it is the chain in your ankles. When you get to abandon it, you will be truly as free as you think you are.

If you open your eyes, you will see your own place and status as a historical being, eith a freedom to be a human being. Your government is willing to sacrifice you all to keep the fascades of success and free market up. You are the ones who came up with capitalism, so you don't want to admit it failed, just like communism did. But as long as it has an -ism in it, it's institutionalized. And every institution has it's foundations, that are conservative, non-adaptive. And the ability to adapt is the new black. The world stood still for quite a long time, but now, since the beginning of industrialization and neo-colonialist globalization, we can not sit still and believe that what was the absolute truth yesterday would be it today. Actually it might change before it turns to noon. There's always constant change. Capitalism is drawing in it's last breaths. And we need to abandon the burning ship, before it burns as all with it. One might of course claim that in this sort of metaphor we're the rats, but it's better to be a living rat than a dead piece of wood that'll soon catch the fire already licking it's dying friends clean from life.

America is the promised land of freedoms. Freedoms you have given away. Your governmental system is the politically correct reactional nest of bureaucracy, afraid of any change the future might bring. Your freedom of speech is limited by the fact that you are too afraid of insulting eachother, becouse the government has made every single insult ad hominem a hatecrime. That sort of situation must be excruciating. If there really was a freedom of speech, it would not be afraid of conflict. There would be a freedom to express your opinion on anything, even racist or obscure ones, without the fear of punishment. Because with freedom of speach comes the responsibility of self-criticism, listening, and evaluating. I'm not saying you should allow people to be racist and act like a fucktard. I'm saying there should be no fear of conflict, they should be faced with the maturity and concideration needed. Ok, we are having a conflict. Where do we go from here? Work it out somehow. There's always a reasonable way of settling things.

I don't wanna sound like a nagging little bitch. You have done many great things, but very few of them political or economical decisions. Most, if not all of them, have something to do the unique mix of cultures you have there. A german writing about his war against nazis, irish guys rapping, african men playing blues and country, all these very, very absurd combinations that have escalated in the form of arts could not have happened anywhere else. It's just beautiful to be simple. I don't want to see it burn in the hell your ideals have created, while painting heavens for your retinas to feast on.

torstai 22. joulukuuta 2011

Take A Guess.

World is all we can see when when we tak a peek through the keyhole.
Life is all we can imagine, and it all will eventually come to life.
If the world we see is the small detail of all the possible beings and forms we can imagine, that is. Did this confuse you? Let's dig deeper into this. Your perception of reality is not the objective truth of how things are, neither is mine, neither is any human aspect to this world. Our conscious mind is just watching it all through the keyhole, making notions and deductions of what might be on the other side of this door, that remains eternally shut, except for those few who can let go and lose their own mind in endless stream of experiences of presence. By this I mean, either do a shitload of drugs or lose their personality and consciousness, and become just a being that is completely connected with the world, but unable to reflect on any of it.

Because we are locked behind these little doors, into these little rooms we call skulls, we must converge our rooms with other rooms to make more vivid guesses of what actually is outside these rooms. And that is exactly what all mankind's knowledge is. Guessing. We can just guess. And build our perception of this reality on these more or less educated guesses, that are built on other people's guesses. The further down the path we go, more vague our ideas will get, more unstable will be the basis of this house we've built. We're all just playing this endless guessing game. What is the smallest particle of atom? What is the meaning of life? How many nuclear warheads would it take to erase all traces of mankind's existence? How many people must hit the bottom before they become collecively conscious of their shitty situation? How many brothers must Kain kill to get noticed around here? Will we ever get out of this mess the boys with all the money dumped upon us? All our philosophers, leaders, writers, musicians have participated in this guessing game. I have, and I will, too. I love this game more than pretty much anything. It requires the acknowledgement of yourself as an unfinished, historical being, as Freire declared. You'll do better if you're a free thinker, a humanist, but that is optional. In the end we all lose. But it's still a fun way to pass some time while being stuck in this life.

We are here to take a guess. All the big questions are being poured on our shoulders as our mothers kick us out of their wombs. The first thing you see is a guy in a uniform, and you'll see many during your lifetime. No one tells you this, and in my opinion it should be told with every new purchase of "Life"™, but you'll probably get something, a latex-gloved finger, a penis, a dildo, or some other random object shoved up your ass at least once in your life time. Depends on your gender, sexual behaviour and plain curiosity, too. It's the small print that no one reads. And when the time comes, you'll feel unaware and violated. It may be prostate exam, check for colon cancer, or something else, but you'll never trust guys in uniform again. Just something you should keep in mind, in case of future.

We have taken some good and bad guesses. Hitler took a pretty bad one. And not only because he was obviously "quite" wrong, but becouse it affected millions and millions of other lives, not just his. Confucious, Plato, Vonnegut, Calvino... there's an endless amount of good guessers. Most of them dead, of course. That usually is the main price for a good guess. And for a bad guess too. In fact it's the price of all guessing. And not guessing at all. See, you can as well educate yourself and guess as much as you want, for just laying down on the road drunk will kill you too. You can't run, so you can as well be humane, and treat other kids nicely, be helpful and kind instead of being such a waste of sperm all the time. Thank you. Peace out.

tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

On a path to recovery...

I am a product of my time. After school I used to go to the religiously nuanced daycare, which was pretty much what one could expect in a small town such as the one I grew up in. It was the definition of what Freire referred to as "banking". The teacher is the highest authority, pourin her information into our brain like we'd be her safety deposit, the hidden account for the rainy days to come. I did not believe in god, not even at age six. Still, it defined on how I see the world. They taught me to see the fatalist, determinist world, that had an beginning, and has an certain, already decided ending.

Christian religion of course refers to this as a big plan, which is usually enough to justify the white man's burden, the fact that weak and poor people do not suffer becouse of the colonialization of the whole fucking world, but simply becouse god wants them to. What kind of god would like to see over 90% of his children suffer till their inevitable but slow deaths? I mean not suffer like we here suffer, me and my first world problems of either combing or brushing my hair. I'm not even talking about starving and diseases, those cliches are too cheap shots. I'm talking about how we treat eachother, get hooked on drugs and start raisin' hell in our own communities. It's just shitting to the very bowl you're supposed to eat from. And not only you, but your whole family and friends too. Of course this is easier if you never had a family and all people just spit on you becouse they believe their god wants you to be less fortunate...

This fatalist attitude prevents all kind of change, becouse it is all "part of the plan". We live in a world of chaos, endless amount of possibilities to choose from and to turn down every second. I believe this world is unfinished, in complete, in constant motion. Still when I think of the lineage of my own life, I tend to strive for determinist path. I have just realised that I fear determinism. I love my freedom, I love this freedom to choose everything, but in that freedom, I carry the fear of losing it too. What if this freedom is just delusion, and my life is already set? What if I do all these things with such a hurry becouse I'm destined to die young? If that is unconsciously driving me forward to live a lifetime faster? I mean, the way I got out of my teenage nihilism at the age of seventeen, which usually seems to be the highest peak with such behavior (well, actually it usually goes well over the twenties, near thirties before people start waking up from their daydreams of endless wrath and realize they are going to die bitter and hated by their fellow mortals.)

Still how I act in this world lies on the basis of freedom. What I do and how I do is completely based on the ideal of being free to choose, and not wanting to regret all the shit I did not wright. My mind has just been damaged and traumatized in such an early age it will probably take a long time to completely heal, wash all the determinist stains away. I'm self-reflecting in public. I know, it's like masturbating in women's clothing, but I don't think I care that much. I never have, becouse if I did, I never would have done a single one of the things I've done since the age of 16. So I know i'm on a right path, and that many people are not this lucky. Cheers to humanity.

sunnuntai 18. joulukuuta 2011

How did lifeless universe spawn conseptual thinking?

Man is the only known animal capable of conceptual thinking. The only known animal with a self-reflecting, adaptive consciousness, which is able to make ethical decisions and to reflect the outcome of their own actions. This is an ability that has taken billions of years of evolution from some lifeless stardust into these somewhat fucntional brains that do some awesome shit in their free time, and trace their own tracks back to the very beginning, when they're not masturbating or inventing new sort of explosive devices, that is.

I've encountered people who think it is a complete mystery of how life that is able to reflect itself could be born out of nothing but rocks and dust. But philosophically thinking it is eventually inevitable. All known life is somewhat carbon-based, it forms most of our can-be-seen-universe anyway. So the essential building bricks of this consciousness we have, have been here as long as there has been matter. Now if I give you the building sets of model airplane, tank and a car, and you start building Optimus Prime, eventually you get bored with all the options, and build them as a airplane, a tank and a car. They are one possible solutions of using all these bricks. The difference is that you are a conscious being, the universe is random winds and interactions and an endless amount of possibilities in an endless timeline. Eventually it will create everything there is to create. By accident.

How consciousness itself came to be and what it is, is a fascinating mystery to us all. All I can tell you is what I suspect it might be, a theory of what may have happened. Most of this all is just philosophical foreplay anyway, just to get you thinking and to react on this somehow. In your brain or in a form of comment below. Italo Calvino wrote in his book Palomar, that the light of the sun invented the eye, so that none of these things there is to see would not go unseen. And since there was light, which helped the first living organisms survive (more plancton on the bright, warm spots, etc), they became sensitive to the light. Slowly they developed eyes, better sensors for receiving light. Evolution of beings made eyes more sensitive, and these senses started building brain mass, for there was more and more information to evaluate and to leave out. Brains started forming new kinds of nervecell connections and slowly they needed more and more connections to handle all the information the highly developed sensors gathered to the center of all this high voltage action.

Paulo Freire, in his book Pedagogy of Freedom, made the claims that the more human beings learned to walk erect, which freed their hands to be used as tools for their brain, the more their life support system became about interacting. It slowly became conceptual form of being, existence. The invention of existence necessarily involves the emergence of language, culture and communication with one another. These became through spiritualization of mankind. We started wondering things, worshipping things and giving them new sort of meanings. Without spiritualization of our ancestors, there would be no conceptual thinking. There would be no highly developed consciousness without "religion". Still this does not mean we should hold on to any religion. They we're there to help us develop something new. Of course religions also have the cultural, social value, that should not be denied by any intelligent being, but now we stand highest peak of our known development, and most religions and their fundamental ideals have started slowing our development down. This has of course gone on for centuries, but now it has burst out as new kinds of inhumane wars and violations of of human rights.

I've written before about christianity, so look that up so that I don't need to repeat myself. Here's a short version of it anyway: My idea is that Jesus was a humanist, loving and caring anarchist, who was profoundly mistaken by stupid people. He was a jew, not a christian, certainly not claiming to be THE ONLY SON OF GOD, and whole christianity is just Roman cult, with idolization of a single person and all that jazz, blown out of proportion. It was lucky to become Rome's state religion through Constantine the Greats spiritual awakening, for it helped it become the European main religion at the becoming of the Dark Ages. Through the crusades it became wide spread, and the medieval philosophy forced everything that had happened before into the christian context. So it's a result of random accidents and their long term consequences, that we are Christian instead of muslim or just plain pagan voodoo.

Of course without religion our thinking would be way more boring. It would not be questioned by ethical codes, if we would just lean onto the cold, hard evident-based thinking of science. I think philosophy alwyas includes a great deal of humor, a great deal of playful attitude towards knowledge and our excistence. It can not be just arguments and proving other people wrong. That's what internet's for, and I've grown so sick of it already. If you want to have warm hearted conversations about all this, I'm your guy. There's enough testifying and preaching in the world. It does not help to solve any mysteries, for it's usually one-sided argumentation, compering your mental dicks.

perjantai 16. joulukuuta 2011

Indonesian Punks, Victims of Persecution!

Indonesian police arrested over sixty punks at a charity concert for the orphans, cut their hair and put them on some sort of moral rehabilitation camp. This of course includes praying and not-expressing yourself. One might easily make this a debate between the modern times and ancient religions that still bind us down, but I don't believe this has that much to do with religion. It is just the scapegoat used in order to get rid of something the police do not understand and can not regulate. I asked Ade from Noxa about this and his opinion was that police might not even know what punk is, and what it stands for, but the punks seem too rough to let them walk around without a ball and chain attached to their ankles. Certainly it is clear that this sort of act is a violation of human rights, and no one should suffer this kind of emotional rape of identity just for their looks.

I signed the petition below, and I hope some of you would sign it too, for it is a display of true power us lone individuals can still have in this world of bullshit facades and corporate interests. When we must go down, we must go down with as much racket and noise as possible, not to let it go unseen and unheard. When the police of Bandah Aceh get the world's punks solid discontent towards their actions, the social pressure to admit acting against these individuals human rights will grow. Hopefully that would be enough to do the trick, but on the other hand I've seen enough of this world to know that might not be the case.

In times like these, there'll be atheists and christians pointing and blaming everything solely on the islam and it's laws and traditions, but we could easily find morons in every religion, especially among the non-believers. If I am wrong, enlighten me, but I believe this was just an attack towards youth culture, and their unity, becouse there's an on-going war between the old and the young, always is and always has been. It's the natural course of things, but it should never escalate in such brutal way, but in discussions where both sides can freely express their opinions and all voices should be heard. Both "old" and "young" would probably find something in common, and have something new to think about. I have always respected my elders, for they have always seen more of this world than I have. But if they'd go as far as cutting my hair and trying to limit my freedom to be who I am, it would most definately be the deal breaker.

Sign the Petition!

perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2011

Cut To Fit - Havoc Supreme

I'm bored. And when I'm bored, I either start writing or thinking, never the two at the same time. It would be a disaster to think while writing, I would probably end up with solid plans for world peace or the best song ever made, but luckily enough these will never happen, becouse I in all my divine self-righteous bullshit glory have decided to keep these two interesting but creative hobbies separate. So all you'll have is some mindless blabbering about something stupid, or a free flow of thoug.... "things" after a documentary seen or an action taken.

So now, the next Cut To Fit "album" is recorded. It was supposed to be our first FULL LENGTH with 18 minutes of material, but we played too fast and it ended up being just 16.39 minutes long. So according to my standards it does not count as a fucking full length. There's a magical line drawn between 17 minutes 59 seconds and 18 minutes 00 seconds which decides whether the recording is a full length or an EP. I know in grindcore shorter burst are best, and we do have 16 songs on this record, but it kinda pisses me off. On the other hand, it's a nice anecdote to share with your grandchildren while telling stories of your awesome, adventurous youth. My kids may grow with a whole new world history, but my grandkids will be seriously mentally fucked up.

Something about the recording. It will be called Havoc Supreme, not becouse it sounds epic, but becouse long before this band (two, three years? It's a long time when you're 16.) me and Vili used to play in a band called Havoc Supreme, Ena came along too but Vili left to form six other great bands. We played in this band with our dear friends Ohtonen, who's the Finnish champ of Muay Thai now, and Harri, who actually was the only bass player Cut To Fit has ever had (for like four or five rehearsals maybe?). Later on we find out that Tomppa, who recorded our first demo and most our stuff anyway (including this record), played in the band Great Rage/Hate Project, and Vili stole the name Havoc Supreme from their demo. So it's a display of how fucking small the world really is, and of course it sounds great too. Altough it sounds a lot like all-meat pizza name.

Recording was pretty fast. I drove us home from the Seinäjoki gig we had, none of us slept over five hours I think, I suck at driving and it was raining like hell. We we're all exhausted and completely annihilated, but we had promised Tomppa we at least go set the gear up. We started recording something, and finally ended up recording all the drums. It was around 1.40 a.m. when I got to sleep, alarm clock set to 6.30 sharp. I had an eight hour school day, Ena and Tomppa went to record guitars earlier and we're finishing up when I came in. In just a couple of hours we had finished recording and started mixing, but our ears we're filled with all that noise, and the guitars sound a bit lame. Tomppa mixed it again on wednesday, and now it is just perfect. Violent motherfucker!

Lyrically it's about mental suppression. Most of the songs deal with identity and how it can be altered and mutilated, how we absorb our oppressors and embrace their views and opinions as our own. How we become our oppressors we call "leaders". Difference is, that leaders should have at least a slight idea of the direction we should follow, but these morons just simply do not. They have short term goals and plans, they have no idea of how to keep us all alive tomorrow. It has an embarring amount of words that rhyme with "lie", it could easily be a rap record if you stripped it down to just vocals and beats. It makes my obsession with fire even more clear. It's also about this technocratic world getting strangled by it's own wires, machines putting human beings out of work, meking their work humiliating and meaningless. Instead of doing shit, they are watching the robot do their shit. This takes the physical and mental aspects out of the very essence of work, leaving us fat and mentally wrecked limp dicks who do the only thing we can: consume. It is an Ode to the modern day Consumer-Gatherer, the new ape with two hands with ten fingers to grab all he can eat and devour!

Here's a sample in form of Silvottu Totuus (Mutilated Truth)