sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2011


I don't know why, but i've always felt somehow connected to Brazil. I can't possibly know why, I don't acutally like football that much, I'm not religious, I'm VERY introvert to certain extent, but still controversial enough to crash into a conversation with a complete stranger every now and then. Still, one of my brazilian friends told me that I'd fit in perfectly, that Finland is most certainly not the right place for me to live my life. I'd really like to steal or just work for enough money to at least visit Brazil, if not stay there longer. After reading some of the Paulo Freire's Pedagogia do Oprimido I feel this urge growing stronger and stronger. I think it even helps me understand why I've always felt this strange connection with this land and culture completely different from mine.

We live in the age of wikipedia, so you can google Freire and read everything about him. His interests we're pretty damn close to mine, existentialism and phenomenology, the evolution of mankind as a whole. He fought againts poverty and it's evil minions, illetaracy and social inequality. He taught poor and oppressed to read and write, giving them powerful tools against the rich elite, who ruled them without anyone questioning their authority. Freire's unorthodox pedagogy brought change and rebellion. It gave people at least some hope. But from what I've heard, the Brazil today is not much better. It's corrupt and rotten, mostly run by the interests of foreign multinational corporations. We wrote a song Escravizador, becouse I think that is just complete bullshit. This is why people have developed new leves of escapism. Football has become a religion, becouse it's easier than politics. You can't change the world, you can just adapt to it. Bow down your head and be quiet. Of course conforming to the role of the oppressed is simple. It has always been. It is made easy to keep your mouth shut, becouse if you open it, you are quickly ridiculed by the opposing side. Shame is a heavy chain. You wear it until it wears you off.

To be different in spite of being laughed and pointed at is much, much harder. You need to grow a pair and stop giving a fuck. It may sound easy or just stupid, but it's not as simple as it sounds. You need to have faith in yourself. You need to know what you stand for, and to stand by it. I have dedicated my life for this. I want people to start questioning thier own motives and surroundings, and if they notice something wrong in it, change it. It may be hard to admit that sometimes you are wrong. I know, I'm wrong quite often. After I analyze the situation, I absorb all the knowledge from whoever it was who proved me wrong. It is an important process of learning. I believe we all have a possibility to change the world, simply by changing ourselves. There's always at least one boy or girl who thinks "wow, that dude is so cool now, being fucking kind to everyone in times like these! I wanna be that guy" and the good shit will pass on. May sound hippie and idealistic, but it really is not. Just stop needless sarcasm and don't shit on every hand that is reached out towards you in need of help. Then just lay back and let the good times roll, and before you know, we'll be in a Brazilian beach party, singing to John Lennon's Imagine, smoking weed and having a huge global orgy!