keskiviikko 26. lokakuuta 2011

Some new shit.

More disturbing news about Wall Street protests being dissolved by police. Still, we're talking about America, which always adds at least three more additional sides to any story. Tear gas is some pretty heavy shit, though. My dad told me once that he does not even get angry before someone takes out tear gas and starts squirting it all around, he said that it is the deal breaker for him. That is when the actual hitting and hurting begins. Of course he was not an anarchohippie fighting cops, he was a regular working class drunken man fighting his neighbourghs and cops. I believe it's more than possible that this demonstration started off peacefully, but then some fundamental freedom fighter's started fucking shit up with a big hand and it all ended up as a riot. But still all these riots are more than justified in my eyes. Read some older posts, if you have not.

We made some new songs. The first one is called Religious Leash, and it's pretty much what I summed up earlier about religious cults using sex as a scapegoat for all the guilt and regret they get to forge into innocent human minds. It keeps people in it's leash, it gives you space or tightens it's grip when needed. But you'll never again look at your own sexuality the same way, with proud of who you are. You are god's flesh. God's bone. God's blood. Not your own. Stop ruining his body with your own deviations.

The second one is in Finnish, it's called Noidankehä (Vicious Circle). It's about recession, and who it's no use to climb off of this pit, although our political leaders keep telling us we need to get up. Is it really fucking worth it? Every time we trust them and give our well-earned money in their hands, they fuck things up, shove that money up someone elses ass and stretch out their hand for some more money. This has gone on and on since the first world war, and it will never end. They just fuck up everyother generation, and then the traumas erase the memory of the next one, that will breed another fucked up generation. If we take the five minutes to look back, to the depths of our history, it's quite easy to see that this is just so fucking obvious and ridiculous. In a way this is a part II for our old song Palavaa Paskaa, where I wrote that it's easy to herd the flock of scared sheep, and this one goes out ranting that nothing will ever change, no one will wake up, the sheep are still waiting for the slaughtertruck to come.

The third song is No Time To Adapt. It's about the pace getting faster and faster, and human beings getting outdated to their own world even before we're even born. The things you're taught in school are not valid twenty years later. Now this is a good thing, of course, the science evolving itself and finding more accurate answers. The problem is not the information that changes, but the role of how we handle that information. Technology has become a grucial part of our everyday lives, we can do nothing without machines, or we can't handle any information without some sort of applications, and they're really all about someone else getting some money out of it. We are Google's content providers. We are the product it sells. We need to acknowledge the fact, that no one makes these cool new forms of social media becouse they want to help US. They always have their own hairy balls on the table. Hit a nail through them, and make them stand by their promises. Not all development is progression. And growth is not a synonym for evolution.

Decisions. This song is about semantics and corruption. Just becouse we do not call it corruption, becouse there is not always money involved, does not make this system any less corrupt. Just becouse we call this police state democracy does not actually make it democracy. What we have is not freedom. It has absolutely nothing to do with freedom. It's a bureaucratic cage of paper and backroom deals. So stop calling it something it is not. It is representative bureacracy at best, Panopticon at worst. I don't believe violence would be the answer, but I know it is sometimes very tempting thought. Change of attitude might be too big of a change to pull through in this country, where everyone just whines about their lives and how no one will do anything, without realizing that the only one able to change things are themselves. If you won't no one else will. I'll put the lyrics here, and some of these songs to reverbnation at:!/cuttofit


Mutilating your mind
Through destruction of your self
I have grown so sick
Of someone else setting up the values
I'm on a constant war
With stupidity in organized religions

Sexual abuse, disolving the self
The threat of violence, continuos tension
Humiliation, unseen dismemberment of human mind

Religion is an opiate
We are the replacement therapy


Puku päällä huorat meiltä maan alta myy
Euroopan Unelmille aina rahaa löytyy
Parlamentti sirkuksena on ja pysyy
Vasen käsi harhauttaa ja oikea varastaa

Mikään ei muut
Kukaan ei herää
Yhä lampaat jonottaa
Teurasauton perään

Aikansa renki kerää hampaitaan kadulta
Väkivalta yltyy eikä ketään enää kaduta
Lama tuli takaisin, se on ja pysyy
Seuraavakin sukupolvi sopivasti pilalla.


Spending your time
In search of your own place
Educating yourself
To fit the world in constant change

How did it come to this?
We're getting old before we're even born
Technocratic society
Worshipping the god of economic growth


Corruption runs
All parts of our society
This is not freedom
And it sure as fuck is not democracy

Sticking feathers up your ass does not make you a fucking chicken
Shoving restrictions down slaves throat does not set him free

To root this evil..
We must make some decisions.

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