lauantai 1. lokakuuta 2011

Life and Justifications for It's Destruction.

I am not a pessimist. I love the world and every single living piece of carbon that happens to inhabitat this drowning rock we live on. I love life in it's all unique improbability. That is why I hate us. We are too proud over something we did next to nothing to achieve, and we have justified all our actions by some circular arguments made by ourselves to justify our actions. Religious people defend their faith by claiming that evolution is just a theory, which is exactly what it is, just like religion represented in the bible is another theory. Neither one of them has been proven to be one hundred per cent certain, becouse no one can be that certain. The theory of evolution just happens to be more thoroughly thought and put out, so that is the one we consider more accurate. Of course, if you can show me the exact type of bush plant, that during incineration can be used as a portal to have conversations with god (marijuana does not count, you dirty hippies!), and can display that all said in bible is exactly true, it will become the new black.

Of course I understand, maybe better than most christians especially overseas, that bible is full of imagery and translation mistakes, it really was translated by the Google translator of it's times; priests. Most of it's offerings are symbolic and painted with a bit broader brush to make things more epic, but most christians don't seem to understand this. Of course there are also many of you that do. I have nothing against you, I'm in war with stupidity, not religion itself.

As a kid, and now as somewhat adult, I've always loved nature. Not like city folks like some twisted and strange idea of nature, that there'd be woods full of howling wolves and gothic aesthetics, but the nature itself. To watch the sun rise and make all the shadows of the tiniest weeds grow long, until it gets high enough to make them diminish, to watch the bees harras the flowers or see some little insects crawl in the dirt. I used to collect dead dragonflies, and study them with a microscope my aunt gave me. I really enjoyed all that shit. Later on I came to realize, that as we are just tiny particles of this nature, we've grown cocky and do absolutely nothing to repair anything we've damaged. It does not make me want to recycle and go green. It does make me want to change the world in more profound way: Let's get rid of capitalism and consumerism, and different values will follow. As long as we define ourselves thorugh what we own or in how many ways we're better than the rest of the world, we'll do no good.

The reason I picked up the eternal fight between science and religion is that most of the world is still as religious as can be. Many religions make way for mutual understanding, but they are mainly asian cultures, which does not help us here in western countries. In the bible it's said that we are the keepers of this world. In the very beginning. And if it is in mentioned in the beginning of the bible, it really makes you think it is one of it's main points. So we have written a book, that says we can do to this earth whatever the fuck we want, and our only solid evidence is the book? The book that is written by the hands of human beings? Eventhough there would be some points that we're written under the influence of divine inspiration, I still believe this would be the last mistake an omnipotent god would make. To put us in charge. If he'd be omnipotent and everywhere, he'd know that man is full of shit. I'm not omnipotent and even I know that. So why sould he make such decisions? But it does not matter, thinking is not the very sharpest pen in christianity's colourful Spongebob pencil case, and maybe they are just the image of their god. Actually god does exist. We have given it all the power it has, we have made it alive being, whose fingerprints can be seen in all great wars throughout our history. There's always at least one participant that's fighting by the grace of god in every war. So he does exist.

We are still baffled by the idea of how we got here, but I think it's probably the easiest possible answer. We're made of atoms, the basic model having the center, and then the electroids circling around it. Our solar system is exaclty alike. I think it's just a part of something bigger, and it goes on and on and on, possibly to bigger beings and bigger conscioussnesses, and none of these beings will ever be able to understand the system they belong to. It is just an endless dead space full of life we try to destroy, but hopefully fail. We have failed at everything, so I hope in this case we'll repeat our history.

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