sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2011

I'm ranting again.

We need a some sort of profane spiritual revolution. Not a religious sort of awakening, that would just fuck things way beyond our comprehension, but the slight change of tone in our global voice. We keep saying that we are too small, just tiny parts of system that is too heavy and slow to stop. Let's accept this. Recycling your shit won't take you very far, if the garbage guy throws everything into the same disposer machine, that does not tell the difference between plastic and cardboard. We can't stop capitalism from fucking our lives up, so we must change our attitude. I've been reading some excessive Kurt Vonnegut stuff lately, Yailbird and Hocus Pocus which are both mainly fictional stories about capitalism, but they we're written by a man who lived through two different eras to see how the practical world, that was easy going, not the best place to exist, but simple and small got torn apart by war and all the endless floods of bureacracy that followed.

He saw the change, how companies took over, and how the world got way more complicated, but even more smaller. We're global now. What does that mean? It means we're all attached to eachother with links we could not imagine just a few decades ago. All wars have become stealth wars. The ones that kill people, but the wars of the ideals too. We have Television, that telepathically inserts someone elses visions to our minds. Of course books have done this for centuries, especially a certain piece of religious/historical literature, that has been tempered and manipulated in every turn of our history, to fit the ideals of the one who preaches it. Awful lot of violence, not a lot of sex. Just saying. But television makes it even easier to hide commercials, and almost every single program today has some sort of advertisement in it. They are funded by someone, and that will inevitably forge the values and morals seen on that show. I have not lived without television, but it was still quite new when I came around. It was innocent and not all that evil and manipulative as it seems to be today.

Every single second tries to sell you something, and we are so used to it we presume that everyones selling us something. Vonnegut told in interviews, that this had been a problem for him, from time to time as people always thought his books we're selling them something. I'm not selling you anything. I know my music is crap, that no one really wants to listen to, so I don't expect this to raise my sales over the top. I do this becouse I want to THINK. I need this, I need these thoughts that go through my fucked up little head, I need to share them so that if someone out there might be thinking something alike, He or She would give a shout out of some sort, and we could put our heads together and come up with something intelligent. And if someone happens to read these after I'm long gone (if they still have the internet) he would not have to start over and end up where I got, but he could use some of this blabbering, and get even further away from my point. We'd have the possibility to evolve.

And this is where we need the change. Stop partying, becouse your world's on fire and it needs you for a couple of years, then you can go on drinking beer and having "awesome" time with your big tit bitches and hoes. Think for a second, refuse to be what everyone else expects you to be. Think about your self in the retrospective of your species, what kind of legacy will you leave for mankind? That you partied through your life and soaked your brains in liqour for twenty-thirtysomething years? It's not that hard to think what you'd want to be, and how you'd want to spend your one life here at planet earth, that's on fire and needs some water to smother the flames. How cool would it be to grow old and claim that you are a somewhat intelligent person, who can tell everyone to fuck off, becouse you've done everything, and you've done it million times better and still no one wants to hear your advice?

We live exciting times, the world is indeed falling apart and we have the chance to witness it around the world. People have had enough of their corrupt leaders who sell their citizen short for huge piles of money only they can see, people have had enough of madness and insatiable greed. The milk has been spilled and we're on our way to grocery store to buy another brand, so that we can see that the grocery store's been replaced by a Wall-Mart of your local kind and we can gather an angry mob and burn it down. We are free if we want to be. They say we have freedom and democracy, so let's make them realize, what those words actually mean. Let's shove the definitions of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY right down their throats, by a non-violent, but non-pacifist revolution. Let's show them that we are able and willing to think for ourselves and to make our own decisions.

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