maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

Alcohol, underdogs and difference.

I am a product of the Finnish recession in the 90's. It has burnt it's mark on me for life, for it instantly separated me from the people that had a fully functional, unbroken family. It made me an underdog, always measuring people, guessing where they're and what they've gone through. Usually I realize after short conversation, that I could not have been more wrong about my counterpart. People here in Finland have the inbuilt guilt and shame factory installed from the day we are given birth. It is something most foreigners do not understand, and why should they? Actually there's nothing special in Finnish people. Nothing more to it. There's nothing more to us, than there is to any other folks anywhere in the world, but we are still able to get depressed even for that. At least it spelled "nothing special about us", we think. Everyone else would have all the same reasons to get depressed, but most people stop whining about their conditions and do something. But not us. We are born head down, our history is just gloomy days of oppression in darkness. This is becouse we we're just a bean bag for so long, the volleyball between Sweden and Russia. I don't see this past as a burden, but many people do. We're all underdogs. We've always been. And we are poor winners and sore losers. We've been losing so long, the first time we win we need to shove it up everyone's face, beat some people up and embarrass ourselves.

Finnish people think we're dark and depressed in some special, super deep way no one else can never understand. I think it is just the incapability of facing reality as it is, and we're so easily drowned in our booze accelerated self-pity. Alcohol is not medicine. Our habits of abusing it have always seemed repulsive to me, I can have fun with drunk people, but when someone walks over the thin line of addiction, I can't help feeling pity, empathy, and some hidden inner hate for their weakness. It is a substance that should be illegal, in here it's way more lethal than smoking, which has been banned nearly anywhere. You can't smoke in school area even if you're an adult. It is ridiculous. Especially when the only ones breaking these rules are the minors who they are trying to protect with it. All the adults have no problem in walking the twenty meters out of the yard and having their smokes in public secrecy. But I've wandered off quite a long way, again.

What was first my point, was that everyone of us carry their past with them, and you really can't tell what the people have gone through until you find out. You can always judge books by their cover, but that does not change what's written on the pages. New people have always something new to offer, some trae of thought you could not have figured out by yourself. And that is the beauty of life, human beings, and not being a judgemental dick face all the time. If you give folks a chance, they'll give you a chance. Self-pity and self-loathing and booze are a surprisingly short road. I've seen dozens of people walk down that green mile, some have realized they can't go on like that, some have died, some ended up committing suicide, but many have also "healed". I'm happy to say I've seen more and more people quitting drinking alcohol. Everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want, but I'm still happy to see so many sober faces around. It does not hurt you to be clean every now and then..

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