tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2011

About slavery and dualism.

I just finished reading Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor. I'll cut the bullshit and get straight to the point. It offered some interesting views about various peculiar things. One of them was it's view on slavery. The former victims of religious community went through their own experiences, and the older brother explained it all. In the past slaves were marked by mutilating their bodyparts, penises, vaginas, circumcision of both genders, etc. The owner of the slave, either religious group or certain individual, took away a part of the slave. This is mine. I own you now. You are mine. This is practically done by every religion today, in some form. One of the ways of this sort of humiliation is destroying some other part of the slave. As in modern form: Sex.

Most religious groups mutilate your mind through displaying sex as a sin, as a blasphemous act performed by whores, pagans and and satan worshippers. It is not a natural part of good, fully functional religious well-being. If you have to do it, you need to be in the concealed safety of your own dark bedroom, and if you enjoy it for a slight moment, even for a half of a second, IT'S OFF TO HELL WITH THEE AND THY HARLOT OF BABYLON! You should have sex only to produce more sex-hating, resentful and mindless slaves. That is your purpose, to breed and to spread the word of God. Of course you can insert any religion, besides the ones that actually cherish sexual interaction between two different individuals. There are not too many of them, though. In the concentrati.. I'm sorry, CONFIRMATION camp the youth leaders (aged seventy-something) tried to make us interested in the Bible by offering the few "sex-guide" parts in the song of Songs. She was giggling as she read through something that seemed like a bad "romance novel" from the eighties, and we all we're thinking pretty much something like "WHAT THE FUCK!?"

The amount of sex in the bible is as minimum as can possibly be. It's writer's still seemed to have huge hard-ons while writing all the wars and the slaughtering of people in masses. Of course that comes to mankind quite naturally. Loving and caring is something one needs to practice. In his book The Cloven Viscount Italian writer and journalist Italo Calvino had a certain character, a blacksmith who made all kinds of instruments of torture for the mad viscount to use as he wished, and he was constantly struggling with his own devotion for building such machines. They were beautiful to look at, but their intentions were as horrid as can be. Later on, he's asked to build a mill that would help the poor and feed the starving, and even though he would be happier to build this machine, it just becomes too much of a trouble. So the good deeds go undone, becouse it would demand some extra effort, and we build the bad machines although we know we shouldn't.

I don't want to sound nihilistic. I'm not saing human beings would be good or bad. We're beyond all that shit. We're just too lazy to decide whether to be good or bad. It would take some commitment, to act in a certain way, and we don't have the energy to do that. We don't want to. And that's what makes as worse than being bad. It makes us lame slackers. whatever-dudes. And that's a fate worse than being a slave, being free but doing absolutely nothing with our freedom.

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