keskiviikko 26. lokakuuta 2011

Some new shit.

More disturbing news about Wall Street protests being dissolved by police. Still, we're talking about America, which always adds at least three more additional sides to any story. Tear gas is some pretty heavy shit, though. My dad told me once that he does not even get angry before someone takes out tear gas and starts squirting it all around, he said that it is the deal breaker for him. That is when the actual hitting and hurting begins. Of course he was not an anarchohippie fighting cops, he was a regular working class drunken man fighting his neighbourghs and cops. I believe it's more than possible that this demonstration started off peacefully, but then some fundamental freedom fighter's started fucking shit up with a big hand and it all ended up as a riot. But still all these riots are more than justified in my eyes. Read some older posts, if you have not.

We made some new songs. The first one is called Religious Leash, and it's pretty much what I summed up earlier about religious cults using sex as a scapegoat for all the guilt and regret they get to forge into innocent human minds. It keeps people in it's leash, it gives you space or tightens it's grip when needed. But you'll never again look at your own sexuality the same way, with proud of who you are. You are god's flesh. God's bone. God's blood. Not your own. Stop ruining his body with your own deviations.

The second one is in Finnish, it's called Noidankehä (Vicious Circle). It's about recession, and who it's no use to climb off of this pit, although our political leaders keep telling us we need to get up. Is it really fucking worth it? Every time we trust them and give our well-earned money in their hands, they fuck things up, shove that money up someone elses ass and stretch out their hand for some more money. This has gone on and on since the first world war, and it will never end. They just fuck up everyother generation, and then the traumas erase the memory of the next one, that will breed another fucked up generation. If we take the five minutes to look back, to the depths of our history, it's quite easy to see that this is just so fucking obvious and ridiculous. In a way this is a part II for our old song Palavaa Paskaa, where I wrote that it's easy to herd the flock of scared sheep, and this one goes out ranting that nothing will ever change, no one will wake up, the sheep are still waiting for the slaughtertruck to come.

The third song is No Time To Adapt. It's about the pace getting faster and faster, and human beings getting outdated to their own world even before we're even born. The things you're taught in school are not valid twenty years later. Now this is a good thing, of course, the science evolving itself and finding more accurate answers. The problem is not the information that changes, but the role of how we handle that information. Technology has become a grucial part of our everyday lives, we can do nothing without machines, or we can't handle any information without some sort of applications, and they're really all about someone else getting some money out of it. We are Google's content providers. We are the product it sells. We need to acknowledge the fact, that no one makes these cool new forms of social media becouse they want to help US. They always have their own hairy balls on the table. Hit a nail through them, and make them stand by their promises. Not all development is progression. And growth is not a synonym for evolution.

Decisions. This song is about semantics and corruption. Just becouse we do not call it corruption, becouse there is not always money involved, does not make this system any less corrupt. Just becouse we call this police state democracy does not actually make it democracy. What we have is not freedom. It has absolutely nothing to do with freedom. It's a bureaucratic cage of paper and backroom deals. So stop calling it something it is not. It is representative bureacracy at best, Panopticon at worst. I don't believe violence would be the answer, but I know it is sometimes very tempting thought. Change of attitude might be too big of a change to pull through in this country, where everyone just whines about their lives and how no one will do anything, without realizing that the only one able to change things are themselves. If you won't no one else will. I'll put the lyrics here, and some of these songs to reverbnation at:!/cuttofit


Mutilating your mind
Through destruction of your self
I have grown so sick
Of someone else setting up the values
I'm on a constant war
With stupidity in organized religions

Sexual abuse, disolving the self
The threat of violence, continuos tension
Humiliation, unseen dismemberment of human mind

Religion is an opiate
We are the replacement therapy


Puku päällä huorat meiltä maan alta myy
Euroopan Unelmille aina rahaa löytyy
Parlamentti sirkuksena on ja pysyy
Vasen käsi harhauttaa ja oikea varastaa

Mikään ei muut
Kukaan ei herää
Yhä lampaat jonottaa
Teurasauton perään

Aikansa renki kerää hampaitaan kadulta
Väkivalta yltyy eikä ketään enää kaduta
Lama tuli takaisin, se on ja pysyy
Seuraavakin sukupolvi sopivasti pilalla.


Spending your time
In search of your own place
Educating yourself
To fit the world in constant change

How did it come to this?
We're getting old before we're even born
Technocratic society
Worshipping the god of economic growth


Corruption runs
All parts of our society
This is not freedom
And it sure as fuck is not democracy

Sticking feathers up your ass does not make you a fucking chicken
Shoving restrictions down slaves throat does not set him free

To root this evil..
We must make some decisions.

tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2011

About slavery and dualism.

I just finished reading Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor. I'll cut the bullshit and get straight to the point. It offered some interesting views about various peculiar things. One of them was it's view on slavery. The former victims of religious community went through their own experiences, and the older brother explained it all. In the past slaves were marked by mutilating their bodyparts, penises, vaginas, circumcision of both genders, etc. The owner of the slave, either religious group or certain individual, took away a part of the slave. This is mine. I own you now. You are mine. This is practically done by every religion today, in some form. One of the ways of this sort of humiliation is destroying some other part of the slave. As in modern form: Sex.

Most religious groups mutilate your mind through displaying sex as a sin, as a blasphemous act performed by whores, pagans and and satan worshippers. It is not a natural part of good, fully functional religious well-being. If you have to do it, you need to be in the concealed safety of your own dark bedroom, and if you enjoy it for a slight moment, even for a half of a second, IT'S OFF TO HELL WITH THEE AND THY HARLOT OF BABYLON! You should have sex only to produce more sex-hating, resentful and mindless slaves. That is your purpose, to breed and to spread the word of God. Of course you can insert any religion, besides the ones that actually cherish sexual interaction between two different individuals. There are not too many of them, though. In the concentrati.. I'm sorry, CONFIRMATION camp the youth leaders (aged seventy-something) tried to make us interested in the Bible by offering the few "sex-guide" parts in the song of Songs. She was giggling as she read through something that seemed like a bad "romance novel" from the eighties, and we all we're thinking pretty much something like "WHAT THE FUCK!?"

The amount of sex in the bible is as minimum as can possibly be. It's writer's still seemed to have huge hard-ons while writing all the wars and the slaughtering of people in masses. Of course that comes to mankind quite naturally. Loving and caring is something one needs to practice. In his book The Cloven Viscount Italian writer and journalist Italo Calvino had a certain character, a blacksmith who made all kinds of instruments of torture for the mad viscount to use as he wished, and he was constantly struggling with his own devotion for building such machines. They were beautiful to look at, but their intentions were as horrid as can be. Later on, he's asked to build a mill that would help the poor and feed the starving, and even though he would be happier to build this machine, it just becomes too much of a trouble. So the good deeds go undone, becouse it would demand some extra effort, and we build the bad machines although we know we shouldn't.

I don't want to sound nihilistic. I'm not saing human beings would be good or bad. We're beyond all that shit. We're just too lazy to decide whether to be good or bad. It would take some commitment, to act in a certain way, and we don't have the energy to do that. We don't want to. And that's what makes as worse than being bad. It makes us lame slackers. whatever-dudes. And that's a fate worse than being a slave, being free but doing absolutely nothing with our freedom.

maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

Alcohol, underdogs and difference.

I am a product of the Finnish recession in the 90's. It has burnt it's mark on me for life, for it instantly separated me from the people that had a fully functional, unbroken family. It made me an underdog, always measuring people, guessing where they're and what they've gone through. Usually I realize after short conversation, that I could not have been more wrong about my counterpart. People here in Finland have the inbuilt guilt and shame factory installed from the day we are given birth. It is something most foreigners do not understand, and why should they? Actually there's nothing special in Finnish people. Nothing more to it. There's nothing more to us, than there is to any other folks anywhere in the world, but we are still able to get depressed even for that. At least it spelled "nothing special about us", we think. Everyone else would have all the same reasons to get depressed, but most people stop whining about their conditions and do something. But not us. We are born head down, our history is just gloomy days of oppression in darkness. This is becouse we we're just a bean bag for so long, the volleyball between Sweden and Russia. I don't see this past as a burden, but many people do. We're all underdogs. We've always been. And we are poor winners and sore losers. We've been losing so long, the first time we win we need to shove it up everyone's face, beat some people up and embarrass ourselves.

Finnish people think we're dark and depressed in some special, super deep way no one else can never understand. I think it is just the incapability of facing reality as it is, and we're so easily drowned in our booze accelerated self-pity. Alcohol is not medicine. Our habits of abusing it have always seemed repulsive to me, I can have fun with drunk people, but when someone walks over the thin line of addiction, I can't help feeling pity, empathy, and some hidden inner hate for their weakness. It is a substance that should be illegal, in here it's way more lethal than smoking, which has been banned nearly anywhere. You can't smoke in school area even if you're an adult. It is ridiculous. Especially when the only ones breaking these rules are the minors who they are trying to protect with it. All the adults have no problem in walking the twenty meters out of the yard and having their smokes in public secrecy. But I've wandered off quite a long way, again.

What was first my point, was that everyone of us carry their past with them, and you really can't tell what the people have gone through until you find out. You can always judge books by their cover, but that does not change what's written on the pages. New people have always something new to offer, some trae of thought you could not have figured out by yourself. And that is the beauty of life, human beings, and not being a judgemental dick face all the time. If you give folks a chance, they'll give you a chance. Self-pity and self-loathing and booze are a surprisingly short road. I've seen dozens of people walk down that green mile, some have realized they can't go on like that, some have died, some ended up committing suicide, but many have also "healed". I'm happy to say I've seen more and more people quitting drinking alcohol. Everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want, but I'm still happy to see so many sober faces around. It does not hurt you to be clean every now and then..

sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2011

I'm ranting again.

We need a some sort of profane spiritual revolution. Not a religious sort of awakening, that would just fuck things way beyond our comprehension, but the slight change of tone in our global voice. We keep saying that we are too small, just tiny parts of system that is too heavy and slow to stop. Let's accept this. Recycling your shit won't take you very far, if the garbage guy throws everything into the same disposer machine, that does not tell the difference between plastic and cardboard. We can't stop capitalism from fucking our lives up, so we must change our attitude. I've been reading some excessive Kurt Vonnegut stuff lately, Yailbird and Hocus Pocus which are both mainly fictional stories about capitalism, but they we're written by a man who lived through two different eras to see how the practical world, that was easy going, not the best place to exist, but simple and small got torn apart by war and all the endless floods of bureacracy that followed.

He saw the change, how companies took over, and how the world got way more complicated, but even more smaller. We're global now. What does that mean? It means we're all attached to eachother with links we could not imagine just a few decades ago. All wars have become stealth wars. The ones that kill people, but the wars of the ideals too. We have Television, that telepathically inserts someone elses visions to our minds. Of course books have done this for centuries, especially a certain piece of religious/historical literature, that has been tempered and manipulated in every turn of our history, to fit the ideals of the one who preaches it. Awful lot of violence, not a lot of sex. Just saying. But television makes it even easier to hide commercials, and almost every single program today has some sort of advertisement in it. They are funded by someone, and that will inevitably forge the values and morals seen on that show. I have not lived without television, but it was still quite new when I came around. It was innocent and not all that evil and manipulative as it seems to be today.

Every single second tries to sell you something, and we are so used to it we presume that everyones selling us something. Vonnegut told in interviews, that this had been a problem for him, from time to time as people always thought his books we're selling them something. I'm not selling you anything. I know my music is crap, that no one really wants to listen to, so I don't expect this to raise my sales over the top. I do this becouse I want to THINK. I need this, I need these thoughts that go through my fucked up little head, I need to share them so that if someone out there might be thinking something alike, He or She would give a shout out of some sort, and we could put our heads together and come up with something intelligent. And if someone happens to read these after I'm long gone (if they still have the internet) he would not have to start over and end up where I got, but he could use some of this blabbering, and get even further away from my point. We'd have the possibility to evolve.

And this is where we need the change. Stop partying, becouse your world's on fire and it needs you for a couple of years, then you can go on drinking beer and having "awesome" time with your big tit bitches and hoes. Think for a second, refuse to be what everyone else expects you to be. Think about your self in the retrospective of your species, what kind of legacy will you leave for mankind? That you partied through your life and soaked your brains in liqour for twenty-thirtysomething years? It's not that hard to think what you'd want to be, and how you'd want to spend your one life here at planet earth, that's on fire and needs some water to smother the flames. How cool would it be to grow old and claim that you are a somewhat intelligent person, who can tell everyone to fuck off, becouse you've done everything, and you've done it million times better and still no one wants to hear your advice?

We live exciting times, the world is indeed falling apart and we have the chance to witness it around the world. People have had enough of their corrupt leaders who sell their citizen short for huge piles of money only they can see, people have had enough of madness and insatiable greed. The milk has been spilled and we're on our way to grocery store to buy another brand, so that we can see that the grocery store's been replaced by a Wall-Mart of your local kind and we can gather an angry mob and burn it down. We are free if we want to be. They say we have freedom and democracy, so let's make them realize, what those words actually mean. Let's shove the definitions of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY right down their throats, by a non-violent, but non-pacifist revolution. Let's show them that we are able and willing to think for ourselves and to make our own decisions.

lauantai 1. lokakuuta 2011

Life and Justifications for It's Destruction.

I am not a pessimist. I love the world and every single living piece of carbon that happens to inhabitat this drowning rock we live on. I love life in it's all unique improbability. That is why I hate us. We are too proud over something we did next to nothing to achieve, and we have justified all our actions by some circular arguments made by ourselves to justify our actions. Religious people defend their faith by claiming that evolution is just a theory, which is exactly what it is, just like religion represented in the bible is another theory. Neither one of them has been proven to be one hundred per cent certain, becouse no one can be that certain. The theory of evolution just happens to be more thoroughly thought and put out, so that is the one we consider more accurate. Of course, if you can show me the exact type of bush plant, that during incineration can be used as a portal to have conversations with god (marijuana does not count, you dirty hippies!), and can display that all said in bible is exactly true, it will become the new black.

Of course I understand, maybe better than most christians especially overseas, that bible is full of imagery and translation mistakes, it really was translated by the Google translator of it's times; priests. Most of it's offerings are symbolic and painted with a bit broader brush to make things more epic, but most christians don't seem to understand this. Of course there are also many of you that do. I have nothing against you, I'm in war with stupidity, not religion itself.

As a kid, and now as somewhat adult, I've always loved nature. Not like city folks like some twisted and strange idea of nature, that there'd be woods full of howling wolves and gothic aesthetics, but the nature itself. To watch the sun rise and make all the shadows of the tiniest weeds grow long, until it gets high enough to make them diminish, to watch the bees harras the flowers or see some little insects crawl in the dirt. I used to collect dead dragonflies, and study them with a microscope my aunt gave me. I really enjoyed all that shit. Later on I came to realize, that as we are just tiny particles of this nature, we've grown cocky and do absolutely nothing to repair anything we've damaged. It does not make me want to recycle and go green. It does make me want to change the world in more profound way: Let's get rid of capitalism and consumerism, and different values will follow. As long as we define ourselves thorugh what we own or in how many ways we're better than the rest of the world, we'll do no good.

The reason I picked up the eternal fight between science and religion is that most of the world is still as religious as can be. Many religions make way for mutual understanding, but they are mainly asian cultures, which does not help us here in western countries. In the bible it's said that we are the keepers of this world. In the very beginning. And if it is in mentioned in the beginning of the bible, it really makes you think it is one of it's main points. So we have written a book, that says we can do to this earth whatever the fuck we want, and our only solid evidence is the book? The book that is written by the hands of human beings? Eventhough there would be some points that we're written under the influence of divine inspiration, I still believe this would be the last mistake an omnipotent god would make. To put us in charge. If he'd be omnipotent and everywhere, he'd know that man is full of shit. I'm not omnipotent and even I know that. So why sould he make such decisions? But it does not matter, thinking is not the very sharpest pen in christianity's colourful Spongebob pencil case, and maybe they are just the image of their god. Actually god does exist. We have given it all the power it has, we have made it alive being, whose fingerprints can be seen in all great wars throughout our history. There's always at least one participant that's fighting by the grace of god in every war. So he does exist.

We are still baffled by the idea of how we got here, but I think it's probably the easiest possible answer. We're made of atoms, the basic model having the center, and then the electroids circling around it. Our solar system is exaclty alike. I think it's just a part of something bigger, and it goes on and on and on, possibly to bigger beings and bigger conscioussnesses, and none of these beings will ever be able to understand the system they belong to. It is just an endless dead space full of life we try to destroy, but hopefully fail. We have failed at everything, so I hope in this case we'll repeat our history.