perjantai 23. syyskuuta 2011

White Noise.

Talk is cheap and your knees too weak
to walk the walk after talking the talk
and it's all white chalks in the right hand side..
But having the tools by themselves
in shelves does not really educate you.
A stubborn mule that you are.
Hate by itself does not take you very far
it's a consuming essence of the presence
You've chosen to preserve in order to get what you deserve.
You've chosen hate to protect you
But all it does is project your immature attitude
towards difference and all that's new.
So you'd better make a change.
Read a book, for fuck's sake. Go some place new
do something good, read the news, don't beat the goose
when the swan is loose.
Have a truce with your insides
don't wander off to minefield blindly
only counting on your insight
if there's maps of the site where's all the bomb already marked.
Your talk's white noise, white pride, good night.
Frustrating stupidity and willing faith on self-approved supremacy.
SO you really think that's your legacy?
To preserve some inheritage in lineage of genetically pure and superior?
Doesn't it bother you to know, that somewhere along the road
there has been a phase when we almost died as human race,
and with only few hundred saved, we were revived and found our place?
And their genes are up to date the only ones that variate in every single one of us, we're all related to each one.
It's called the bottleneck phenomenon, and it waters out the very floor that all your belief are based on.

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